Monday, February 1, 2010

tippy toe

God it takes forever to do these blogs!!! Anyway... I will be having prints available at soon! I'm very excited! 1. because I've loved this site for a long time and 2. because linds is so fucking awesome! Shes so nice and talented and cute as a button!

So yes first of all I did a trade with the lovely miss Vivka :D You can visit her etsy shop here:
and her DA page here: She is a gorgeous model and lovely personality! Shes also super friendly and sweet! SOME STUFF MAY BE NSFW just so you know haha! So she made me some beautiful pink hair extensions for her part of the trade! I was super flattered she wanted to trade with me! And she makes lovely wigs and hair extensions so I was like *O*!!!!!! They are SOO pretty and SO soft and its REAL hair so you can do whatever you want to them. Style it any way you want! Annd ANDDDdd she sent along a couple cute goodies and things!

Here are the pretty extensions:

and me wearing them the wrong way haha because I wanted to see what pink would look like on top of my head! Which is why there is the hat! ( I borrowed it from my bf)

And then she sent some adorable hair barrettes! so so cute!

And her business card: with her beautiful face!

And the cutest postcard! xD I personally wish this was my saying I could give to people. Especially because I love to cuss and because I just think its like so perfect. Like "YOU'RE GREAT!!!" It makes me FEEL great just reading it hahaha.

The back is hilarious too!!! hahaha

She also sent along an adorable mario keychain which I forgot to take a picture of XD But I love me some Nintendo and Marioworld. IN CONCLUSION: Viv is the BEST and I couldn't be happier with my extensions!

AND SO I ordered this mug on modcloth but I wasn't sure I'd get the one I wanted because there was 2 different versions and I really wanted one of the versions and LUCKY ME I GOT THE ONE I WANTED!! ahhhh!! so happy!

;o; cutest kitty faces ever!! I love it so much!


Anddddd I also ordered some plastic sleeves and cardboard backings for the prints I'm sending off to linds! I love them and everything fits perfectly! I'm so ordering a ton more!

Andfinallyyesalso yes here is something I did in a livestream yesterday! I wish I could have my whole wardrobe full of these colors!


acrylicana said...

SO excited about lindsay carrying the prints :D
and OH love the girly doodle. those little tippy toes :B

emandsprout said...

omg that mug and box is so freakin are you and your pink extensions! :)

i'm so excited for your prints too! xoxoxoox

RoyalScandal said...

omg that's cool that they are gonna carry your products woo woo!!!
I love the pink extensions and the clips and the mug *w* ahh so much cuteness. Oh and the drawing is adorable i love the hairdo