Friday, February 12, 2010


I snagged some things from the last entry because it was hella cluttered and I wanted this one to look a little bigger :)

We went down last weekend to So cal because my bfs granny turned 100!! :D you can read about her and my boyfriends dad (larry coons) in this article: The end is so sweet :3 Shes the sweetest lady. Also my bf is one of the 13 great grand kids mentioned.

OHOH and!!! I got to work on a fantastic project recently with miss adorable Twinkie chan on her new upcoming line Yummy You :D I can't wait for it to come out so I can see everything!! ITS SO EXCITING!!

I've been getting ready for Fanime early because its in May and I want to be prepared! And god these KEYS. They're so amazing 8D I just want to eat them!!! So fat and awesome. And here is a little secret: zammie loves black jewelry. Its true.

And lots of roses!!


And here are charms I made that I might or might not make into acrylic jewerly. I'm not 100% happy with the designs. I liked the sketches but didn't like how the inks and colors came out...

Here are some lesbos: I always wanted to do a sexy lolita pic but never got around to it :3 yey!


Ayumi said...

Oooh I remember the lesbians X3 Livestream! They came out gorgeous <3 Also, I want all those rose thingies :D

Chiaki Hirai said...

I want some of those cute rose things. :D I'll pick them up at Fanime. :D

acrylicana said...

OH! I love those little charm girls! YES YES YES They must make it into acrylic. Did I mention YES?

And yay for adorable little lesbians.

S.Rebecca said...

Oh I have a 'pantsu' just like this purple, but it is white x3 I'm just not too sexy as those girls...
I'm like a chibi -_-'