Monday, May 4, 2009


How do I order your items? please follow the links and purchase them from my etsy shop :) Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated!!

Can I get a wholesale order? Of course just convo me on etsy or e-mail me at kurai_mudou (at)!

What are your items made out of? There is a section under each item on etsy that says materials. I usually say what I've used but sometimes I don't ;)

What inspires you? Many things that come from Japan as well as things randomly found while browsing the internet.

How long have you been drawing? Pretty much all my life!

How long does it take you to finish a drawing? No idea :) haha

What tools do you use?
Computer: Paint tool SAI and photoshop7 and mirror images are sketched in a program called Alchemy
On paper: mechanical pencil and red color erase pencils

Did you go to college? I never had the time or money! Maybe someday!

Will you make me something? I only have time for commissioned work and if thats fine by you just contact me at kurai_mudou (at)

What are your pet peeves? 1. Know it alls :) just like Juliette!
2. People that act defensively before asking questions. It is hard to read people on the internet! Don't make assumptions! Make sure you know what I'm trying to say before accusing me of being a jerk.
3. People that don't take the time to read :)
4. People that want to help when a question is asked but don't bother to read :) :) :)
5. People that ask me to do things for them. I love being nice and helpful but I just hate being asked! I feel used a lot of the time :(
6. People with bad internet etiquette :(
7. People that think they are clever :D "insert bad joke here" Aren't I HILARIOUS?
8. People that joke at inappropriate times. Like when I'm venting! What the hell yo.
8. The list goes on and on and on!

What made you want to create a blog? I was growing "kind of" old of Deviantart and needed a new place to express myself. I say kind of because I didn't really get tired of it. It just wasn't working for me like it used to. I also wanted a place to inspire me to post fashion and crafts I work on. I always need to be motivated. This was one way of pushing myself forward.

What advice can you give me? If you ever have any questions about art just e-mail me :)

Do you like critiques? I don't mind them but please only offer suggestions when I ask for them :) I appreciate it <3

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