Friday, December 25, 2009

Meri Kurisumasuuuuuu (desu)

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Christmas!

My wonderful and amazing boyfriend bought me wonderful and amazing things for Christmas!


-a CUTE CUTE CUTE Mameshiba cel phone charm that talks ;_; NE SHITE RU?
-Flapjack DVD :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
-Bare minerals starter set which feels GREAT and makes my skin silky smooothhhh~
-A kogepan stamp that says BYE BYE XD
-A cupcake recipe book with all kinds of cupcakes and frosting *____*
-An adorable pink dress that I don't have a pic of but its cutttteeee.
-Delicious lavender, sea salt caramels!!!
-Up on DVD DUGGGGGGG ;___; <3

And then Lindsay from Sickforcute sent me goodies in the mail because she is the sweetest person IN THE WORLD.


Lucky (girl)

Gnocchi (boy)

Love you peoples!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy holidays!

I hope everyone has a wonderful whatever you celebrate or don't :)

When I was at Biz Baz in San fran a little bit ago I ate at this Indian restaurant and took some pics. The Naan was pesto :D yum!

More pics of Gnocchi.

And our baby Christmas tree :)

I'm glad its not cold enough for snow but its still pretty!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've been so busy lately :( So no Juliettes or anything really. And then I got sick. So all I have for now are some outfits from Polyvore. They have lolita 8D!!! I want all of this. ALLLLL of ittt!!!

I went to Biz Baz on Saturday and met adorable and sweet miss twinkiechan! :D I'm sad now that I didn't take a pic of her booth! But oh well :( She had such adorable stuff too. Like little candy belt purses. I wanted to eat it allll.

My friend Rami
showed me this girl on youtube the other day and I fell in love :D Shes so charming and funny! I want to keep her in my pocket!

And I leave you with this 8I

man if I was rich it could just be team marbi (mary zambi)
maru : :B yus yus. if we were rich bitches our dreams would come true! we could do anything. anything at all. on a whim.
maru : or believelands
zam : 8D yeahhh
zam : machines to print and make anything our hearts desired
maru : also, marbi is adorable XD
maru : yus
zam : and a cute boutique with wonderful things and delicious cupcakes
maru : and a fantastic marketing team to hawk it all over the worldsu
maru ::D
zam : haha marbi sounds like an African animal xD
zam : or Australian
zam : a marsupial
zam : yus *3* I want a store that has my stuff and also other unique awesome artists so it can be the coolest store evarrr
maru : LOL or like malibu barbie became one word. MARBI!
maru : yus yus :B
maru : i would visit that store
tmaru : VISIT IT
maru : like visiting family
zam : haha!!!
zam : I would also visit it
zam : because I would have someone else run it 8D cuz Id be sorry guys. *holds sunglasses* I got to be somewhere else important like in my swanky stupid coming up with new ideas and petting cats and touching my wood floors romantically 8D
zam : then I ride off into the sunset with my pink cat
zam : car*
zam : or cat
zam : whichever
zam : Id have it all
zam : STUDIO
zam : yes I live in a stupid....
maru : "touching my wood floors romantically" LOL!!
zam : I want wood floors so bad maru
zam : when I get them
zam : some day
zam : I will be all over them
maru : soooooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeereee ooooouuuuut thuuuur
maru : just rolling and rolling for hours
maru : zamzam, where are you?
maru : 'on the flooor! the glorious floor!"
maru : LOL

Friday, December 4, 2009


Trying to get things back on track! Still not enough love for poor Juliette tho XD But if you can afford it I made a calendar for her thats up on Zazzle! You can also request I put any of the images of her on there too. Mouse pads, mugs or whatever!

I got 2 of the DECO tapes I bought today. So I played with it a little and decorated some stuff.

First thing I did was the ring boxes I usually send out in my etsy orders. I really love how it looks :D and then I wanted to see the lace DECO tape so I decorated one of my boxes! I love it. I might become a DECO tape fanatic >_>

And I did pretty good with money today! I had a 40 percent off coupon for any one regular item at Michaels so I used it to buy 19.99 emulsion for my YUDU silk screening machine. (I've been meaning to come up with a another design so I can actually sell something :]) and then they had more pretty pink boxes on sale. Normally they are 10! So with the coupon and sale I only paid 20 :] So I basically got the box for free! Wee. I need to only buy things on sale haha.

And more Polyvore outfits! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry Juliette. I haven't felt like drawing lately. So this is all you get!

For Thanksgiving I went down South to visit the boyfriends family. I had a nice time and gained a million lbs :/ I really need to lose weight. But anyway here are some pics from the trip

Pics from inside the plane!

And one of the old malls we used to frequent. They had it all decorated for Christmas :D

Then we wanted to eat at this yummy Italian place but it had closed :( so we tried what replaced it and didn't regret it *___* First we got a dish with Lime shrimp and tequila! God booze is food is so delicious D:

Then they gave us free tortillas with Honey Chili butter :0 yum yum!

And they also had a chip and salsa bar so we tried all the salsas! My favorite was the chipotle one :9

After that we stopped at Micheals and they had boxes on sale for 3 for 5 so I bought some blue and brown ones! Yey!

Right now I am enjoying these:

And here is a pic of one of my kitties: Gnocchi is such a terror but hes so sweet and cute. How can I ever stay mad at him when he looks at me like that?

I recently bought these so I could paint them and dress them in lace and things :D They are so cute. I need to buy some nice acrylics to paint them!

Monday, November 23, 2009

dress me up

So I found this site ages ago and forgotten all about it. It was in my bookmarks on my other computer. I've been using it because my normal computer has evil malware and I'm going to have to reformat. It will just not get the fuck off. I'm not asking for suggestions on what programs to use but thanks anyway.

Its free and you don't have to register if you don't want to

So anyways~ Yesterday I put together these outfits on the site. Its so much fun to do. I like to pretend I own these. I'm too cheap to buy a lot of clothes. I usually only buy 2 pieces of clothing a year. Yeah. So this site lets you put together real outfits and tells you where they are from and how much they are. You can search by color and price. Its really neat!

These are my outfits :) I wouldn't necessarily wear everything I picked but I like a lot of it!