Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting ready to party

I want to say thank you to everyone thats nice enough to leave me comments on this blog!! xoxoxoxoxo Zambi loves you!

And I also got more stuff in the mail! I bought this really pretty ring case/box for Fanime and I put all the rings I have right now in it to see what it looks like! Its so pretty! I also like how I can keep it closed and still have people see the rings but they won't get their greasy hands all over them!

And here are stickers I might pass out with every sold thing at Fanime. I put my blog and etsy and twitter on it. I really like how it came out but the colors are all fucked up because my printer doesn't like pink. I ordered this pic from EZprints so when they come in hopefully the pink colors won't look like crap! And if thats the case then I will order a bunch more instead of using my own printer but I dunno! I don't think it matters too much when it comes to free stickers. Anyways!

I also have this cork board that I used at Fanime a couple years ago. It served its purpose but I had upgraded since. Well I thought about using it again and bought a little stand for it this time to hold it up!

Anyway this is what the cork board looks like now! I painted the edges white and put deco tape all around it :) And I bought some white cardboard? or something and cut it out and placed it in the middle.

And here is a commission I did that I'm happy with :D


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Miranda said...

Ohh! I love the display stuff! Especially the DIY necklace display you made! I ended up making my own display stuff too for my first convention. :)

The commission is super adorable! <3