Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pepper and chips

I have so much work to do...ahhh

Anyway I have been working on a site design. For a personal shop or maybe just a gallery for my cute art or maybe both? I dunno. I have no idea how people deal with taxes and paypal...I just don't understand it at all ;I

Here is a preview! Click on image to make it bigger!

Also here are more jewelry designs I'm working on! I hate the strawberry. I need to figure out how to make me like it.

And I want to see this with subtitles :0 ! ADORABLE ponies!



F. said...

I didn't know what that video was either but I did some research and it's from a movie made in Argentina around the 80's.

Also, the movie is on Youtube but it's not subbed... Well, maybe you will still enjoy it~

Here's the first part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Er_QA1LGZA


K. Van Dam said...

Cute site design!!! So pink! I love it! Also, that princess pony is so cute from the video ; ;!! How did she put the little crown on her head with her no hands! XD

acrylicana said...

OH your website needs to be this adorable, yes :B

And that video! :O PONIES

Fizzy said...

Zomg the ponies!!!!!!