Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy smooch day :D

I hope you all have a lovely day regardless if you celebrate Valentines or not! :) I'm going out to eat at a new Italian place. I hope its good! I really like going out anyhow!

I bought a new camera from Office depot for 199. Its a Nikon coolpix L100! I've wanted a Nikon for a really long time :D I'm so happy with it! It takes really lovely photos and is easy to use! I love it so much! Its also really good at taking moving objects! I really needed to upgrade so I can take photos of clothes I make.

One of my hair bows:

My cat gnocchi ( I edited the color a bit)

One of my necklaces:

And a charm I got from my friend Mary:

You can find this and many other amazing things in her Etsy shop:
Juliette wishes you a happy Valentines :)


Liea said...

Happy vday :) How was the italian? Gratz on the new cam, the pics look crisp!

Studio Cutecake said...

It was boring :( sadly...