Friday, January 18, 2013

2013, The world didn't end

My poor blog has been very neglected because of Instagram. I got a new phone back in October? But anyway! Trying to get a post out before the end of January! 

Here are some images I've done that I like:
The one in the middle has mermaids that belong to :
 Felicia and Morrigan from Darkstalkers:

  Fanart: First image belongs to , Eva babes (made for Fanime), Haruka and Usagi from Sailor moon
 Fanart of MissKika's pretty MLP custom and Chibiusa and Pegasus
 My own original babies:

 Christmas things:
Here's some new stuff for sale in my shop:

 Shirts you can get here:
Hand made: (really proud how my leggings turned out)

Here are some yummy looking food pics: (slop in the corner is lasagna)

Here are some things that make me feel nostalgic: (That Eva touch pen is my favorite thing ever)

Some Christmas gifts I made for people:

My kitties:

And I hope you're all having a nice start of 2013! xoxo