Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fanime 2012

Yeyyyyy! I love Fanime. Even with a couple annoying/rude people, I always have a nice time. I'm glad so many nice people came and talked to me. And I'm always so glad people will come back just to say thank you for being nice to them. Like AWWWWW I'm just happy you're nice to ME : (

So the first day we got there was pretty awful because we had to wait in line for 6 hours. That was not fun at all. Our feet were killing us! I'm on staff so my badge pickup took literally 5 seconds. But poor Momo's badge had to be picked up in the preregistration line and the POWER WENT OUT which made everything muchhhh worse!!!!

But before we got in line we stopped at psycho-donuts and got cute sushi donuts! Bawww chop stick pocky

Saw this ADORABLE Operetta cosplayer on the first day and realized later I had seen her last year too! :D SO CUTE!

The sweetest Asami ;_; She was so nice!!!!


A Lin Beifong!!!!

We tried these cute little Taiyaki with Nutella! YUM

Stole these adorable buttons from my friend Ashley!

Later that night we tried a place called Little Chef Counter! Everything I tried there was soooo goooodddd. I had the Steak and fritz! It had a garlic sauce on top! mmmm

And Momo got the Shrimp on Polenta!
 Lots of pics of my table :)

These cute girls came by and were just so adorable. The one on the left yelled at me for having cute things! And then told me to save buttons for her! And when I said I'd have enough she said "BUT MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THESE" so she came back the next day and got them XD

Later that night I got together with friends and we all went out for dinner! We tried finding a place where everyone could sit and decided to just go back to the same place we did the night before. So of course I tried more stuff from Little Chef Counter ;)

This time I got the Duck Confit! And Momo tried the Foie gras! My duck was amazeeeeeee.

My cute friend Ashley :)

Alex!   EVIL.

My pals Amber and Lin! Stupid blurryness :T

I'm saddd I didn't get a pic of Mira and Katie u__u But they were at dinner toooo!  So glad they came! I really like them!

After dinner Alex, his lovely friends, Ashley, Momo and Myself went and doodled a bit in the Convention center. (Had a ton of people hovering over us all creepy) x__x But yea I took these photos from Alex' sketchbook because uhmmm they're amazing?

Day 3! Some more cuties came by my table!


The cutie that was Operetta the other day was now an adorable Pinky pie! She was so nice and sweet and stopped by my table every day just to say hi and chat!


The baconator XD

This little girl wanted everything from my booth haha! She got buttons and a hair clip :D


And I got a cute Marceline print from her!

ALSO BUTTONS! I love her jellyfish and food!

And then she drew me the cutest drawing of me u______u It made me giggle like a dummy. Its so cute and and andddd

Katie drew me my girlfriend Ivy *O* So lovely!

I doodled a dumb Shampoo!

Holly gave me this really pretty necklace!!! :)

 For dinner Momo and I went to Il Fornaio! They made me a lovely Raspberry lemon drop!
And I don't remember what any of this is!!! (Except Polenta) 

The last day was so busy because I had a sale and people were at my table and ahhhh. But it went by fast! And my pal Ashley gave me her adorable banner she drew :D Gunna hang it on my wall!

I saw someone holding this adorable print of Avatar characters and had to find the artist and get one too! WELL the last day she came by my table and offered a trade with me! I DIED. SO MUCH CUTE. I hurt.

Here is her Tumblr!!!

I didn't buy anything in the dealers room this year except for a little sketch book! I can't wait to use it :0

And heres the work I did for Fanime this year! I heard the group pic was on a lot of stuff! Including a banner some people got? I have one too! I'm gunna try and figure out where to hang it!!! But most of this was in the program guide!

My profile ....
Anywayssss! Had a really nice time with friends and now I have to start working on stuff for Anime Expo!

AND ONE LAST THING! I'm doing pre-orders again for Pegasus shirts! For more info go here: :)