Saturday, September 25, 2010

And the winner is


ok no really. I put numbers next to everyones name and then put the numbers on and here is the winner :)

Send me a DM on twitter to collect your prizeeees! Thank you everyone for playing! I will do this again :) maybe monthly! For one item in my shop or a print or something. We'll see!

Also check out my friend MSHs blog cuz its filled with wonderful and pretty things!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Contest and tutorial

So my blogs birthday was on the 7th of this month and It passed right by me. I'm sad cuz I wanted to do something really special. But thats ok. I'll do something special anyway. But since I couldn't figure out a way for people to not cheat by commenting here. I'll do a twitter challenge.

The game:

Just RT(retweet) this tweet and I'll put all the twitter names in a raffle drawing. The only rule is that your twitter account has to be more than 3 days old. You can't make a new account just to win this. But I will have contests like this in the future so if you want to make a twitter account for future contests go right ahead :) You just can't play this one!

The prizes:
1. A free necklace from my shop
2. A colored drawing that looks similar to this: of you or your character.
3. A unicorn sticker set:
4. And a 8.5x11 print signed by me (or not signed if thats what you prefer)
I have a lot to chose from and I'll give you all the details once the contest is over and the winner is chosen!

So this contest ends Sunday. :) Goodluck!

Now on to a tutorial! I've been meaning to make tutorials for my blog since I made it but never got around it it... SO here we go :)

Just click on the image to make it bigger!

And I'm sorry if anything is confusing. I tried to explain it as best as I could and also have pictures so you could see what I mean but I couldn't get everything to fit. Anyways. Hopefully it helped!

And yea my friend MSH drew these for me :I She is the most amazing artist in the world. I can't even begin to explain how much I love her art. And then she drew me the prettiest and cutest Alalas EVER! Makes me sob every time I look at them!!! soobbbb

sooooo amaze. so amaze.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I wanted to go to San fran and say hi to Amy and eat delicious food and explore Japantown SO I DID.

We got there around 9 and stopped at Dynamo donuts. We shared the Caramel de sel and the maple bacon! The maple bacon one has apple in it and its GREAT and the caramel one has orange *_*

The display at the counter is really cute!

And I snapped a photo of them making a batch of maple bacon!

on the way back I spotted a bakery with little alligator bread! xD

And these cool and nifty paper cut outs!

And San Francisco has the prettiest buildings!

Then we stopped over by the Metreon and they had a Halloween store :D DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE HALLOWEEN? It is amaze. TM Msh

ohhh so big!

I tried on some glasses :D heehee

omg so yea they had this pretty ring for 3 bucks!!!!


yey tacky displays!! :D

This is gross :D

There was a fashion walk with the Doki Doki shop girls and other cute ladies. I took some pics of these cute ladies.


And yuka :D

Amy wearing adorable clothes :D

I didn't get anybody else because I forgetttttt.

But anyways! Then we walked around and looked at stuff and I was conned into buying a hair bow by Vani because shes so adorable I couldn't resist! D: She came up to me and was so friendly and cute and in my mind we bonded over cuteness. *fantasy* ouhh its so cute AND it doubles as a pin so I can put it on my clothes too :D SPARKLERURURU

Then we did some wandering around and I was naughty and bought a bag u__u I saw it and was like good mother of god. But you know the bag wanted me too. I could tell. We looked deep into each others eye and fell madly in love! All my stuff fits so perfectly in it too!

haha yea saw this. WHY IS HELLO KITTY YELLING AT ME???? hahahaha!

And these were in a display window *O* so cute! They remind me of that little toy where you fish and theres a magnet on the fishing pole?

Then for dinner we had sushi :D

I had fun! twas a good day.

And recently I ordered some new sugarpill colors *3* Birthday girl, Paperdoll, and Stella!

I always try to take pics of the make up on me but my camera only wants to pick up yellow :\ and its sooo annoying!

I found these recently too!!! *c* they are iridescent but you can't see in the pic! I'm going to deco these babies up!

And I saw this and was like MUST HAVE AND MAKE INTO HAIR ACCESSORY but it already had a hair clip TuT now I have to find a way to add something to it so I'm not just reselling it. But god isn't it adorable?

anddddddd I ordered some moo mini cards and I've been sticking them around places like at collages and Japantown so hopefully people will see them and come to my shop!

Thats pretty much it! I will leave you with some Gnocchi pics because hes so handsome!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet streets

So I forgot my camera and there were tears for miles and miles. My phone also died as soon as I got there....But as I expected I knew people were going to take pictures and upload videos so here are some things!

I didn't get to see this at all because everyone was so tall and I am not so tall. And that makes me sad because look at how adorable everyone is. If I had a fashion show I would love for it to be like this! Everyone is dancing and having fun! Soooooo sooooo cute!

I totally see my friend Jackie in this vid :D

Speaking of which she was so lovely and made me a bow ;o; SO SWEET. LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS! And its great because its a pin so I can attach it to my clothes ;O;!

And here is another Vid!

And here is a video with most of the lovely pieces for the gallery!

And I met YumeNinja and she was amazing :D Her art pieces in the show were beautiful! I love how she decorated the edges and I loved her outfit to death!!! AS WE ALL KNOW ZAM LOVES UNICORNS.

such pretty paintings ;o;

Seriously tho look at her outfit!!!!!. So fucking amazing! She cut off the heels to the shoes :D Shes so creative!

And I met the lovely San too who got to be a model :D She was so adorable and so sweet. I wish she lived in Cali! Photos VIA her :)
Me and her

And me and Maria! I loved her head piece!

And Irenes pieces were lovely tooooo!!!

Seriously. So sad I didn't bring my camera :(


You can see so many photos of the event at these sites!!/album.php?aid=31691&id=121883271164478

And lastly. I made some Headbands with bows. They are available on my etsy shop :)

The purple one is my favorite because of the bling. Man I used to hate bling. But now I love it XD still not into diamonds tho.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My work space

This took awhile because nothing would stick to the damn wall so I kept having to go out and buy different types of sticky things. Anyway! Tour time :)

This poster is so old and falling apart. It came in a magazine I bought ages ago. Its one of my favorite pictures. And the 2 things beside them are from my friends Liz and Mary. They are so talented!

I love this Sailor moon picture. I love any picture where the girls are wearing matching outfits. So cute!

These are so so old. I blew them up into poster size images at Kinkos from playing cards I own a million years ago and have had them ever since.

This is another one of my favorite posters. I love how everyone looks all dolled up.

These images are from miss Emily Warren :) Shes so talented and amazing!

Frames I bought from Plasticland. I love them so much. I couldn't find anything to put in them so I just used my own images.

More Miss Kika things :) She painted a beautiful Alala for me! (Its on the right) And also lovely Lindsay things :)

And this is my favorite Miss Kika picture. I love mirrored images. And the hair is so pretty.

My cork board that I prettied up with some extra fabric I own. c: very happy with how it came out!

Lum poster *_* Did you guys know I love Lum?

Another Sailor moon Poster! I love Pegasus :)

My Mucha poster :)

Lovely fanart from the lovely Joodles :D And a picture my friend Gustav drew me. Hes one of my favorite artists in the world. I really miss his art.

Tenshi ni Narumon picture I cut out from a magazine. Its really hard to find products from this show. Then there is a picture SUPER TALENT FACE msh drew of our friend Klar. My little Rambi is hanging on the keychain! You can see a bigger version here: and then Spazzy gave this to me at Fanime a couple years ago :) Its a Rambi! Then 2 pics by Klar :D I love Pallu and Nen!

A cute Bee post card by Linds :D I love it so much! AND ANOTHER amazing image by Msh of my character Elle!! Its so pretty ;__; and all for me!!! Then another Tenshi ni Narumon pic and a picture my friend Aja drew :) Its one of my favorites by her.

Princess Tutu figurines :D I love how detailed and pretty they are!

Ranchan *_* I can never decide if I like her more than Lum. They are both wonderful! And behind her is Ranma and Shampoo!

Mini Whinnies haha :D I used to have some when I was younger but I have NO idea what happened to them. So a couple years ago I saw they had them at Target and snatched them up real good!!

My favorite littlest Pet shop toys :D Such cute ponies! I will never give these away!

Bijou!!! Shes so cute ;_; And right next to her is a toy my lovely friend Devon sent to me all the way from New Zealand :D

Baby Daisy XD

A mameshiba my friend Brittany gave me because she lovesss me :D

Alien nine figurines! I love this show to death. I love the voices and music and its just a well made show. its only a couple of episodes tho. And it kind of ends on a cliff hanger. But I love it. Its cute but also creepy! So of course I had to get these.

A cute little Lion king polly pocket thing? I used to be super obsessed with The Lion King when I was younger. I still have all the crap I bought too. Like View finder, color forms, coloring books, toys, stuffed animals, stickers, and so on and so on.

A piggy and Sheep my friend bought for me :D (I'm a ram and my bf is a piggy)

omg my friend Nichol made these for me a long time ago ;__; She is amazing. She also made my cheese pillow in my last entry but I forgot to plug her! They are little sculpey fat bat cats. My little baby dragon characters! The one on the right has a band aid on its wing XD well where its wing should be!! I was so happy to get these and still treasure them!!

Little Pikmin :D Because my boyfriend knows how much I love them! Poor little yellow fell off and got lost forever tho :(

And My little ponies :) Lovely miss Jessica sent me these because I said Firefly was my favorite pony. Sadly shes only in the Pilot of the show! But anyway she sent me the light haired one and the matching baby! And my friend Brittany bought me the dark haired one :D

And scattered throughout are littlest pet shop toys. Little bunnies and kitties and puppies! So cute :)

And I showed a pic of my shelf before but I added some little Mcdonalds transformer toys because I love them! And a mug Aja bought me and a Mug I bought myself :)

I love my pink walls and I love my work area and I love my condo. Yey yey yey!