Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of art & treasuries

Haven't made a blog post in awhile D: ugh nothing to really blog about! But I gathered up some of my art that I've done lately as well as a few Etsy treasuries I've made and 1 Juliette :) So hope you enjoy!

Here are some digital things I've done recently:
Unicorn hair :)

Bird decorations

Gothicorn inspired by YumeNinja! Soon to be Jewelry!

I also painted the lovely Bei :) as a mermaid!

And some traditional media stuff:

Another gothicorn painted with acrylics, sharpie poster paint markers and then decorated with little heart grafitti! Yume bought it from me because shes GREAT ;3;

I did this one a very long time ago and then added and changed some things! She has gold star stickers on the background and is also done with acrylics & sharpie poster paint! Shes for sale in my Etsy shop :)

I also finally painted one of my Tamos that I ordered a couple of years ago! Pretty proud of her :) Shes also available in my Etsy shop!

Also I made a few treasuries on Etsy inspired by my friends. Basically "these things make me think of you"

This one if based off of my friend Mary:

And this is based off of my best friend Emilie:

And this is pretty self explanatory ;)

I made this because Zwzzy wanted jewelry to go good with a dress she was selling so I made a treasury for her :)

Anddddd last but not least a picture of poor neglected Juliette!

I also have a ton of new stuff available in my Etsy shop so please have a look see :D AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS haha xD

Monday, February 7, 2011


Last weekend I got to visit my WONDERFUL and amazing friend MSH who is one of my favorite people in the world. She let me stay with her so I could go to San fran and see the art exhibit at Giant Robot!

I haven't been feeling well for over a month due to sinus problems so I was kinda
dying the whole time but it was worth it!!

Before everyone got there me and the husband went and got something to eat. We went to a place called The alembic! I got a slider with kimchee, a fried oyster, and jalapeno aioli~ I was kinda too sick to enjoy it but man was it salty...

And the husband got 5 spice duck confit~

And theres totally a place called "aub zam zam" haha so I took a pic :D

Here are pics of all the art they had up :D I promised my friend Jackie I'd take pics for her <3

And I got to meet one of my favorite youtube people :D Miss Jazziebabycakes! She was so super duper sweet!! I love her smile and her outfit was so hot!! I love watching her videos because shes just so happy and adorable!

Pic with her, adorable Chubby bunny and ahhh I can't remember her friends name ;_; I feel awful about that! But I loved her lipstick! She was also super nice!!

Adorable Tess! who was doing the make up that night :)

Always amazing Amy and her boyfriend Kevin! They are such nice people. Always. Amy is a dork tho and didn't want to take a picture by herself because she doesn't know how to stand! BUT SHE IS ALWAYS CUTE!!! She could pick her nose and it would still be adorable.

Miss cutiepie Laura!! I love how she always has a necklace with somethings head on it haha! so cute!

The ever so wonderful Yume! She is so cute and I love all her get ups ;o; Shes so good at making things! I'm sad I don't have a full shot of her outfit! ; ; Her shorts and stockings were amazing!! But her makeup is awesome :D!! Love the lashes and colors!!!

I also got to meet miss cutiedynamite!! Who is totally cutie dynooo mite!!!! Love her outfit :D She has such an adorable voice too!

Her holding a sugarpill sticker!


Then she drove us to her pad and we crashed! Not before we had this fight tho!

The weather was really beautiful too! I was so lucky. It was just hot enough to want ice cream so we went and tried this place called "Cream" Msh is so thoughtful she wrote down a bunch of places to try and planned out an adventure for us and also took us to a comic book shop :D

The view from her rents house *_*

I got chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cup ice cream @__@ it was SO MELTY AND GOOD OMG THE COOKIE CAME RIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN MY HANDS WERE COVERED IN A DELICIOUS MESS AHHHH

She also took us to eat at this place called "Arizmendi" that has cheese and bread and they totally have a different pizza every day. so sad I do not live by it.

The pizza we got was Potato, Olive oil, leaks, Asiago, and Mozzarella~ ahh it was so lovely *_* The perfect texture and the crust was a little buttery. such heaven!

Msh is the sweetest person ever. She took us around on adventures and bought me Calpico ;__; because SHE KNOWS HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO GET!!! I AM ALWAYS TOUCHED BY HER THOUGHTFULNESS.

She also left this hilarious note on a box of chocolates for me in the morning. I got up to get some water and I noticed does she make such hilarious things.

And then I caught her sneaking off to get us breakfast breads before she had to go to class because SHES JUST SO THOUGHTFUL. I mean it was LITTERALLY so gunna be SUDDENLY BREADS. I would have been OMG BREADS WHERE DID U COME FROM.

So I went with her and she took me to a cute little bakery where I had my way with the breads. I sure did.

I had the best weekend ever. All thanks to Msh and wonderful people!!!! I am so happy c: