Friday, January 29, 2010


ok so my friend who is super duper sweet is always buying me stickers and so I recorded a thing just for her!!

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I loveeee alll of thesee SOOOO MUCH!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Im sleep time for sleep

I'm so sleepy! So I'm probably going to bed soon. I had to reformat my computer because evil malware invaded,raped and pillaged the poor thing. So of course I had to reinstall everything. I downloaded the newest version of AIM and it has a twitter feed....I just...twitter is my life D: I have problems!

When I go down to visit so cal I want to try this place: It looks AMAZING. igghghsss.

Anyway here is a necklace design. I just love unicorns and the like. I want the jewelry for myself too haha!

And here is just a little princess!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have been super super busy recently!! ohmygoodness. I was working on an awesome freelance job that I am hoping I can talk about because I was so excited to do it!

I also got a raise so hopefully this means I can move back to southern California real soon. I love San Francisco but I really miss LA. Its where I grew up and my friends and family are there and all my favorite places.

So anyways I'm going down south in February to visit because its my boyfriends grannys 100th birthday and they're having a party for her! I expect to eat lots of yummies and grab some Calpico for home. Also while we're down there we're going to look at these apartments I'm really interested in. The only down side is there is no dish washer or fridge! ouch. but everything else including location is awesome so!

Tomorrow I'm going to see Youth in Revolt because Michael Cera is so adorable I want to keep him in my pocket! And eat at one of our favorite places.


So yea here is a design I might silk screen (not the colors cuz thats too complicated) but probably the lineart! Thats supposed to be a rainbow in back lol.

And here are 2 polyvore outfits. weeeee

Oh and I made a gallery for Juliette so you can view all her images easily : )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mail to me your love


So first off Mary sent me theseeeeeeeeee.

MOAR PINK EVERYWHERE AHHH. Bag is so bright and beautiful and I love the little white bow!!

And haha my little pony coloring book XD I love my little pony AND coloring books!!! I will never grow up :I I refuse.

And she sent me ADORABLE umbrella necklace she designed!!!! ahhh I love how its cut and I AM WEARING IT RIGHT NAO. And more lovely sushi memopad *___* *eats*

And and a really cute Barbie toy XD Its so cute!! SHES A MERMAID!

god a very adorable retro keychain! LOOK AT THEM CUTE FACES!

AND NOW ONTO ASHU GIFTS This box was full of amazing wonders. I fell in and got lost and omg.

LOOK AT ALL THIS PINK AHHHHHH. how...did she know?

So much sculpey *__* I'm going to make CAKES!! A my little pony ;o; ahh I have a blue one. I WILL ADD IT TO MY COLLECTION!!! And beautiful BRIGHT AND COLORFUL SCARVESSSS my god I love the colors ;-; the purply one is so awesome cuz its different colors and I could even wear it with the pink scarf TOGETHER and have scarf babies! COLOR EXPLOSION. I think I've had too much coffee today *__* That and gifts in the mail make me SUPER HAPPY. in my pants.

Thread and a gel pen and ADORABLE little post it notes. a comb to brush out my nap. Some sculpey glaze yey! Its even wrapped in a bow! And it all came inside a cute little pink stocking!!! I love it hardcore!

OK this is my favorite gift. Its so cute that she painted me a bow on canvas and then wrote a lovely thing on the back confessing her love to me. I was all *TEARS* It was so sweet.

all in all holy shit I made out like a bandit this Christmas *____* Thank you my dear friends. I love you more than internet hearts can say!!!

And one picture for the road!!!

OH EDIT ashu gave me my little pony book xD not maru! But its all good in the hood.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco

Yesterday I got to hang with one of my favorite people: MSH and she was supersweetandadorable and we walked around and stared at things and gave each other gifts and ate delicious foods! And because she is just so awesome we got to roam in san fran at night and got to see all the pretty lights and buildings! It was magicalll.

She brought me stickers (my weakness) and they are SO FUCKING CUTE and thoughtful!!! How did she know I like cupcakes and kitties???

and this adorable cell phone charm with a RAMMMmm. Its so fat and adorable! Its also a whistle!

And she got my bf this: (hes mooning you ;D)

Look at how pretty it is at nighttimes!!!

And then I spotted this inside a store near there and was like :O HEY I KNOW THESE ARTEETS hohoho! btw this store had TONS of adorable things inside. I wanted to swallow it whole.

And while we were in Kinokuniya I saw that they had a new kitty book out...and not just any kitty book. A BOOK ABOUT MY FAVORITE INTERNET CAT MARU!!!!! I love Maru ;; JUST LOOK AT THE CUTE THINGS HE DOES.

I'm so sad I could not buy his book. They also had an adorable Mameshiba FOOD book ;o; with tons of pictures with mameshiba made from food! Like little rice balls and meat and all sorts of things where you're like this is so cute how can I eat it??? But you put it in your mouth anyway cuz you can't help yourself!!!

And I am hungry and have a billion things to do today so I am OFF but I leave you with a picture of YES Juliette...sometimes she wears a wig! She is a babycakes. xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I hope everyone is having a good beginning of the year ;) KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS OK? Don't give up!!! I would love to lose 60lbs...even 30lbs. Its just insanely hard because I'm a picky eater :\ And I LIKE exercising but only riding my bike and swimming and running...but no one to do that with...and its also winter. I wish I had a buddy :B I'm just too nervous being alone outside...even in the day light. Anywayyyy

So I bought too many things while I was out yesterday lol :( I needed some new leggings so I got some for 6 dollars which was great but then I bought some cute undies >_> and a new black hoodie. AND THEN I stopped by hot topic and bought more D8 I mean I seriously do not spend money on myself (other than food) and I buy clothes for myself like once or every 2 years :B But yea I saw this necklace there that I HAD TO HAVE and also a wallet that SCREAMED me. So.


and BOW POWERRRR!!! instantly turns any top into cuteness!

My boyfriend also bought me this for xmas:

I've been wanting a bed set FOREVER and you know how I totally love pink and need it in my life every day >_>

Because look at this hideous piece of crap! Dear god that is some shitty art lol!

And afterward!

I've been in the mood to make some panties lately but after actually sewing everything together I realize that I really just don't like sewing as much as I think I do. I like designing and the outcome but I really just hate everything else. I want to hire a seamstress and I also want to hire someone to do things in illustrator for me so I can make things on ponoko and silk screen. I just have no desire to do most things.

But I made this. Its like a thing you put around your waist. Kinda like a belt. You just add it to whatever to make your outfit "cuter" or pop more. I put in the eye lits all crooked and I hate when things are not perfect :B

I got a ton of lace! I need to do things with it!

oh look my ribbon!

oh look my cat!

and last but not least a picture. Sorry Juliette. I will try very hard to draw you soon!