Monday, June 25, 2012

AX is just around the corner

Just wanted to make a post to let you guys know I'll be at Anime Expo this coming weekend. 6/29 through 7/2.

Here is my table number and location: Apparently you can find me easily if you have a smart phone but I'm not exactly sure how x_o ?? Anyway if you look I will be towards the back end of the hall. FACING THE WALL. It's like my table's on a time out.....Sorry I had to link you to Tumblr but if you right click on the images and select "view image" they will enlarge so you can see the table numbers better!

And this is what I will have available:

I ordered more Pegasus shirts so I will have those in 3 colors and several sizes! Between small and XL.



TONS of buttons:

I have very few zipper bags left!

Skirts! I don't know if I'll have a place for these on my table but just ask and I will probably have them in the back.

Commissions are always available upon request. I try to have a sign out but I know sometimes people won't see it but I'M TOTALLY OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS Y'ALL!

Also free goodie bags with every order! Candy+a free random button and some come with extras. Until supplies run out!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mini Aja Vacay

I got to see my adorable Ajaface the other day. She's one of my best friends and I always have a really nice time when we get together. Her mom was house sitting a really beautiful house in Danville so Aja invited me over to go swimming & hang.

The view was soooooo pretty!!

And the house was so cute *____* I want to be able to afford something like this some day! Apparently the owners bought it in the 70s! But the wood floors and layout were so wonderful.

I love the back yard!

Also the dining room had a wall sized window and the light shining in was so nice! This would be perfect for my work space ;___; (the view above is what you can see from said window)


Scary wolf!

Pretty wallpaper!!!

Aja being cute! YEY WATER

Cute Pancake

Aja's mom made us breakfast! I wish I could eat bacon every day ;o;

Aja after our swim times

A cute coaster!!

ALSO Aja brought my Xmas presents along with her and she got me the cutest stuff ;o; !!



Cute stationery!!!

Paper cakes ;  ^  ; I want to make them but I ALSO DON'T WANT TO MESS THEM UP! But omggg so cuteeeeeeeee.

And that's about it :) I always miss Aja a lot when I'm home. I wish we could teleport to each other more often :( I LOVE YOU AJA.