Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Auction for Japan, Haiti, Animals, Christchurch

Hello everyone! I wanted to raise some money for a few places that need help. Japan is a very special place to me but I also wanted to help these other places because they're still hurting. So I'm holding an auction where you'll bid on this entire lot of items and whoever wins will get them! :D And the money will be donated to several places! Thank you to everyone that contributed to this! You're all lovely people!

**********Places the money will be going to:**********

*************Starting bid*************

***********Bidding ends on***********
Next Monday! April 4th

*********What you are bidding on:**********

Sugarpill cosmetics:

Stella glittery black eye shadow dust
Goldilux glittery gold eye shadow dust
Starling glittery blue eye shadow dust
bulletproof black pressed eye shadow

Sweetheart palette with pressed eye shadows in Dollipop (pink)
Afterparty (blue) Midori (green) and Tako (white)

These eye shadows are so soft and pigmented! Seriously love them sooo
much!! The gold and black are amazing!! There are tons of really amazing
tutorials on youtube too!

Moody cats tote bag Mermaid T shirt (you will be able to chose your size from S to 2x!)
How cute are these?

Turkey hat (first photo is the one you will be getting) It looks slightly different than the one below it :)

haha the most adorable and silly hat ever!!


4 mini prints signed!!
2 of them are discontinued :D! RARE!

hot party dress in YOUR size!
You will get this stunning
dress made to fit you!! Or perhaps a friend ;) ?

San Smith:
A cute print of these girls! Signed!

And a random set of stickers from her etsy shop :D

Friends forever tote bag!
Who doesn't love poo ;D haha!!

A sheet of adorable cupcake stickers!!!

too cute *_*

ADORABLE pair of hostess cupcake earrings
Made from sculpey! :D nomnom

Inked bust commission of your character. Or you. Of whatever!
Her style is so pretty! Just look at her gallery <3

And 4 of my 2 inch necklaces from my Etsy shop!
Plus surprises!!

NOTE: I will personally be mailing out Sugarpill and the Twinkiechan hat (as well as my necklaces). But everything else will be mailed out by each individual person! So please
be patient!

Only comment if you are SERIOUSLY interested in bidding! I will
let you know when you've been outbid. Then let me know if you still want
to keep bidding! I'll be checking all day and every day!

Also please share this link around!!! It would be great if we're able to raise a lot! Thank you very very very much.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Animal charms! Please help me vote!

Alright guys! Time to help me pick which animals will be turned into charms first! I'm doing 8. So the 8 that are most popular will be made into charms :)

You can pick more than one answer per poll! So if you like the zebra AND the lion vote for both :) Thank you so much!

And please if you have friends that would be interested in buying charms of these animals online or at Fanime please tell them to vote too! :D SHARING IS CARING

Farm set

Farm set
1 sheep
2 horse
3 chicken
4 bunny
5 pig free polls

woodland set

Woodland set
1 deer
2 raccoon
3 owl
4 wolf
5 fox free polls

Safari set

Safari set
1 zebra
2 lion
3 giraffe
4 ostrich
5 elephant free polls

pet set

Pet set
1 stripe kitty
2 winter kitty
3 grey kitty
4 basset hound
5 corgi free polls

Dinosaur set

Dinosaur set
1 Pterodactyl
2 T rex
3 brontosaurus
4 steggi free polls

Ocean set

Ocean set
1 Dolphin
2 Octopus
3 Shark
4 Jellyfish
5 Killer whale free polls