Wednesday, September 30, 2009

seepy seeps

Juliette waking up in her comfy bed _D_ girls gotta get her beauty sleep yanno!
And I wasn't too happy with how this came out :( I have a really hard time doing chunky vector work. It always looks so boring to me ;; I dunno!

Monday, September 28, 2009

6 cubes little cubes

So I went out and bought some cubes haha :D Michaels had a 6 cube shelf on sale so I bought one and now I have my very own cubicle haha! I wish I had wood floors and pretty colored walls but SOMEDAY. Anyways I took some pics! TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL.

Here is a bag I really need to iron that my best friend bought me :D Unicorns HOW DID SHE KNOW?
And here is a beautiful halloween wreathe she also bought me :D I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Its so pretty. I love it SO much!

My sewing table right behind my desk :D where all the magic happens! (lol) I have a Singer "simple"
Beautiful wall above my desk with art from awesome people :D Mucha, frozenlilacs, Omar, Msh, and Mary!Just some left over storage I could put things in :D And a cigarette box/purse that has headbows in it!
Glue and hot glue materials on the top drawer, my camera and sewing patterns in the second and plastic bags of all shapes and sizes in the 3d!
All my Etsy jewelry and tools :D
MY DRUGS, pencil thingy,post-its, and a lil japanese dictionary!
My Trias :D
My copics and computer disks :D
I put my ribbon in one and ring boxes in the other :D There is also my sewing books right next to it!
Mini photo albums I've yet to do something with and my sewing stuff :) Like my rotary cutter, elastic, seam ripper, bobbins and etc!
Pink box has drawings :D and the others have prints!

I love my pink boxes SO much! Pink pink pink!

Also have a pretty song! :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I need this program ;_; LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT EVERYTHING THAT IT DOES. IT DOES SAI VECTOR TOOL AND AMAZING LINE THINGS THAT ARE SO USEFUL TO ARTISTS. ITS PAINTING LOOKS LIKE OPEN CANVAS AND IT HAS MIRROR IMAGE OPTIONS AHOIJFODUHPODSIJDPI FUCK YOU ALCHEMY!! SERIOUSLY ; - ; This program looks made for me. Just ugaoduhgfoudhghg. *cry sob cry* I'm so afraid to try the trial because I might not be able to live without it but if there is no English version I will shed tears :(

Here is the website!

AND HERE ARE 2 PICS sketched in alchemy and then inked in Paint tool Sai. I just ink one side and then copy and flip.

these are no where as exciting as illustStudio 8( NEED NEEED

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tiny post- no pun intended

Juliette is upset that the thing she wants isn't on sale. Woes for the discount shopper!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

These boots were made for walking!

Yey my check got here today :D And I just ordered some more supplies for my Etsy shop! I love having crafts to look forward to :D I'm glad its here because I have to pay the rest of my hospital bills and buy some printer ink and some sewing patterns from my sewing class! Weeeeee!

oh right and I also want to get a photo album for my stickers :D!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Aww thats so sweet :D Someone made a treasury on Etsy with one of my products in it! It expires on friday!

haha another pic with Juliette in a funky chair :D I'd love to do more!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I want a unicorn bag!

I really want to buy a photo album so I can place all my stickers in them and not worry about them flying all over the place. And so I can have a nice place to display them since they are pretty and I won't ever use them. It will be like having a mini artbook of stickers to inspire me!

David I responded to your question on my last post! :)

And for future reference, I come up with every design on here :) If there is any likeness to a specific outfit somewhere its purely unintentional!

And to Yamata: I just pick colors I like :) There really is no method. I know people use color wheels to match colors but I just picked up what colors I thought looked nice together by looking at other pieces of art!

I can't wait to get paid so I can go out for some Indian food. There is a new place right down the street in walking distance thats really good :9

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink carpet Juliette

I'm going to have a giveaway this month. Still not sure how I will be able to contact the winner yet but we'll see!

Thank you for anyone that has left a comment so far :D I wish I could reply to them directly but blogspot is stupid and doesn't have this option.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So after I found that video in my last post I searched through youtube videos with people showing off their craft rooms. Which made me want organizer drawers very badly! But everything is really expensive. But god do I love organization!

aggghh this persons room looks so clean *__*

I used to work at a law firm and order supplies so I was always having fun organizing :)


Anyhoo here is a pic of Juliette on a weird chair :3

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why can't pretty boxes be cheap

):I organization turns me on.

I want this fucker so bad. Its not as expensive as I thought it would be! Still can't afford it but its SO COOL :D

You guys will buy this for my birthday right? Thanks~! <3

A rose by any other name!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Its someones special day today! Thats right its a Msh day. I love Msh. She is always incredibly nice to me. And I've actually never seen her be mean to anyone! Shes also incredibly adorable and funny! :D I also love Msh language. <3 MSH PLUG TIME!!!!

I had to crop out some of Elle to fit it on here but you can see the rest on her DA page :D Its the most amazing picture evarrrr
Her art is the prettiest and the cutest ;_; I wish I could paint like her. I wish I could make magic JUST LIKE HER. One dayyyy I will eat her brain and the juices will give me amazing power and I will rule the world *____*

I wish she would post everything she ever drew ;o; even little pen dots. BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING I JUST KNOW IT. She touches the canvas and instantly it becomes art magic!! POOFS.

You can find more of her work here:
and here:

Anyhoo here is a little mshyfanarts. <3 I hope you had a lovely day!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First official fanart of Juliette :D

My good friend Rami was nice and drew me SUPER LOVELY Juliette sketches :D

He has more beautiful things on his blog *___*
ARENT THEY PRETTY ;_; I love the details and HAIR. SUCH BOOTIFUL HAIR. I also love the outfits he gave her and she has such a pretty face <3 I LOVE THEM TO PIECES ;;

End of summer


But I will miss you swimming! We had a good short romance you and I <3

Monday, September 14, 2009

Recently Miss lovely Lindsay from sickforcute commissioned me to draw her adorable kitties and her adorable self! I love her! Shes so sweet and makes the cutest things! I was super excited when she asked for this! SUCH A CUTE IDEA. This is how I feel about my kitties!

Here are samples from her Emandspout Etsy shop:
And here is her website: Filled with goodies by other talented artists too!
Also I hope its alright that I used the thumbnails. ;0; I'm not direct linking!

And one last thing! A picture of Juliette out on the town!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello Blog world :D

Yey my first real Blog post! :) Recently 2 of my online pals sent me lovely things in the mail!

First off is my friend Shishah! you can find her beautiful paintings here:

She sent me this ADORABLE sheep!! Its super cute!!! I have 2 baby foxes from the same series of toys and I was tickled she sent me a sheep! IS IT NOT THE CUTEST THING YOU EVER DID SEE????

And then my friend Calli! you can find her wonderful drawings here:

She sent me Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH in the mail :D Her mother was kind enough to buy this for me! I was super touched. She also sent along the SWEETEST letter that made me want to give her lots of kisses! Inside the book she wrote "never grow up" :( that is so me you have no idea! I always want to stay young at heart! I love that I have this book and it has that written on the inside! I will treasure it always! And then as an added bonus she sent 2 adorable handmade charms for me and my bf!

Aren't they so pretty??? I love how they dangle :D

I have to send these lovely ladies something special!

Also here is a preview of things I'm working on. Or rather what I will be working on as soon as I have some free time.

One of my lovely friends bought me this beautiful fabric ;__; shes been spoiling me so much lately!!!

And then I'm going to make skirts out of these:

And I'm waiting for my necklace chains in the mail before I can make these pretty charms into lovely things you can hang on your neck!