Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mooncrisis part 2

So last weekend was the second opening for 
Mooncrisis! There was free Pocky and a cute masquerade. I managed to take my camera this time so here we go!

My pieces:
Moony Unis and Moon Crystal power
Bye chu

My friend did these gorgeous matching pieces:
 Vision of the Moon - Love and Vision of the Moon - Fight by Kristen Van Dam
My friend Stephanie did a gorgeous black lady:
Black Lady by Stephanie Kao

My pal Ashleigh did this SUPER pretty Eternal Sailor Moon (so in love with the happy colors) :
 In The Name of the Moon by Ashleigh "PY" Hetrick
Barachans pieces were incredible:
Little Dreams
Rudy Fig painted a beautiful Chibiusa (it glows in the dark!!!):
Eat cake in the name of the moon
I'm honestly floored by the detail in the hair on this piece by Tami:
 I Remember You by Tammy Street (Tamisery)
Really awesome vending machine piece:
 Love Machine by Jamie Meckel Tablason

It lights up! I wish I had a pic of that! Can you imagine how cool it would be to have this in your home?

Really cool punk sailor babes:
Moon Bitches 1-4 by Greg De Stefano

Miss Kikas perfect Chibiusa piece:
Pink Sugar Dreams
Super lovely piece by Aimee:
Usagi in Sakura by Aimee Steinberger
Aimees marker work is so good. Its so soft and elegant! The gold is so pretty!
Siames Escalantes gorgeous piece:
Luz De Luna by Siam├ęs Escalante

Here are some cute cosplays:
Luna and Artemis:
Love the lace sooo much!!
The cutest Chibiusa:
Her buns were perfect!
Also here are some table photos:
My table and my friend Liz pretending to be me hehe:

I forgot to take a pic of her wonderful dress so I stole this photo from her Instagram:
(Also you should visit her Etsy because she made this dress herself and its amazing and you should buy things from her ok)

Miss Kika looking like a pretty princess:

Her lovely items for sale:

Her beautiful silk screen print of Usagi:

Look at this cute kitty she had at her table!

She had a really cute decorative cube thingy with a ton of stickers and had some of mine on it! ;0; (mines the unicorn with pink,blue and purple hair~

Barachan had her stuff for sale right next to me:

Her cute table sign:

Rose's friend Tuan was selling for her. Isn't he pretty? He was a super sweet and funny table neighbor. Made the night fly by because I had so much fun chatting and joking with him.

Well I HAD to get some of her delicious items ;3;

Beautiful prints:
Her sketchbook + a pretty book mark:
I saw the Usagi sketch on her Instagram and it was my favorite and I'm so happy I got it!!!

Got a chance to stop at Kinokuniya and bought ridiculous things!!!!

Sunny day and twin tails book. A photo book that consists of girls in this hair style: 
(its too cute I...)

And a hamster butt book:

You never realize how cute hams butts are until you see a book full of ham butts.

Ok butt Anyway! I had a really lovely time. Thank you Liz for driving us down! And if anyone wants me to change or add any links for you I don't mind at all! Just let me know :) I'll be happy to take any images down too if you don't like something. AND let me know if you want a bigger version of any of these photos.