Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 recap HAPPY NEW YEARS

I think I had a pretty good year! How was yours? :)

I managed to meet SO MANY NICE AND WONDERFUL people this year. My blog got its Birthday and I got to visit La a bunch of times and even go to Disneyland!!! I loved all the LA events I went to and even hit my 200 sale mark on Etsy!!! I HOPE NEXT YEAR IS EVEN MORE AWESOME. I did better than last year at Fanime and I also got to see my darling Ajapops like 3 fucking times!!! Thats a record man. And I got to meet her adorable best friend Jennie!

Seriously though. I'm so happy I got to meet so many sweet people this year. You should go give them your love and support!

Miss Kika Lizzipoo talent face :D I got your beautiful arts all over my wall!! Its pretty up in hearrrh. GOODLUCK WITH EVERYTHING IN KOREA!!! I really hope we can hang out again when you get back! And thank you for taking us to that delicious crepe place!! You and Nara are the best!

Shrinkle I got to see you for my birthday and thats the best present EVAR. Totally had been your stalker forever and ever. I'm so glad to have met you! I wear your make up all the time and I can't wait to see what you make in the future! And you are the nicest meany in the world!

Chubby Bunny Awesome sense of style and really cool hair!!! And AMAZING HAIR BOWS. you should buy them all from her. NAO

YumeNinja I will forever remember your epic unicorn outfit *_* You are so talented!!!! And your blog is INTENSE pretty and classy!

San Smith sweetest girl ever? yes most likely. Super sweet and adorable. A total fashion inspiration for me :D Thank you for being CUTE

Yaycandyspooky! We shared the wonderful horror that is HOW DO I LOOK but we know we's too cool for you. Super cute voice and really sweet! And just look at her awesome clothing line!!!

Bebe The cutie pie that had my pics on her phone! I seriously felt so special when I saw! I hope we can hang again someday and have chats about Monster high and fun stuff :D You're so nice!! And you're totally adorable!

Beibadgirl Cutest gal in the Sydney! COME BACK TO AMERICAS! You were so nice to me when I met you at hello kitty ;_; And you're so wonderfully happy and peppy and friendly!!! I love your art and personality!

JesVICIOUSSS she bites. Jess has THE BEST smile. Like srsly. Plus I felt so special when you remembered me from sweet streets!! :D I hope to see you AGAIN!

Twinkiechan I think I actually met her last year in Decemeber but I CANT LEAVE U OUT! you're one of my favorite peeps. You're super easy to talk to and adorable in person!! We need to go out for lunch someday!! Goodluck with YUMMYYOU!

Miss Alphabet. technically I haven't met you in person :D but we are cool on twitter so that counts! I love your clothes oh so so much. So inspiring and you're very very nice!! I hope your business does SUPER WELL!

messwithtess I just love your sense of style. You always have awesome hair and your smile lightens up the ROOM. You were so sweet at Hello kitty! I look forward to reading more blog posts from you :D such a cutepop!!

becausemaybe man did I miss-read your nametag XD ANYWAYS!!!! Thanks for always being so nice to me on twitter :D I love our chats about kitties and I'm still sending you your gift! Goodluck with your business too!!!!

sporkii I WANT TO MEET YOU YOU ARE SOOO NICE to me on twitter!!! And we did a cool collab together that I will NEVAR FORGET. God I love your art!!!

Lorene Such a wonderful model AND photographer!!! I wish you the best with everything!!! I seriously want you to be super famous in whatever you do! Thank you for always being nice to me!! Even tho...I don't think Mulan is good. haha

Stephiee You are my hair hero. It just always looks amazing. And also I can live vicariously through you when you eat delicious things! Thank you Stephiee. Food Mistress extraordinaire! I hope we can go on a food adventure soon :D

Steph WORK IT GURL!!! I absolutely love your fashion sense! You wear the cutest clothes and have the prettiest hair and can rock any color! And you're such a talented model and adorable interviewer!!


Locketship MARIAAAA!! I am still jealous of your hello kitty bike and I hope I can ride it someday. Goodluck with your line :D!! Hopefully see you again sometime at an event too!!

MSH I LOVE YOU MSH YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE. seriously. I always feel like I'm talking way too much around you. BUT I LIKE YOU. This is the downside to being liked by zam....

Chrissa! I love your tweets because you are always so happy and positive!! You seem like such a sweet person and I hope we get to hang sometime :D

AND pretty Devons!! Who came all the way from the land of Kiwis! It was so cool meeting you because we have know each other forEVER. Basically since I started using the internet :D You were so nice and cute! And I hope you come back someday!!! ;o; Or maybe I'll win the lotto and fly over to you! xD

For the love of god I hope I did not forget anyone D: I LOVE YOU ALLL!! Thank you for a wonderful year!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Meant to post this sooner but I've been sick! :D OH WELL!

My parent in laws flew my boyfriend and I down for Christmas because we're pretty poor this year XD But anyways! I had a really nice time. I love So cal. When we got there we went straight to his aunts house and had some of her delicious Lasagna and had a wonderful lovely time visiting his cousins and etc.

They had a cute tree with blue lights!

And her pepperoni Lasagna :D

Then the next day we opened presents and then they took us out to Brazilian BBQ :Q....WHICH IS SO GOOD SO SO GOOOOOOD

I got cute socks :D

And cute gloves :D


And the husband bought me The Maxx on DVD :>

And a cute piggy bento box! SQEEEEEEE so cute! He looks like a little jogger!

He has 2 compartments!

And my favorite snack right now :D CHIP CHOPS!!! THEM SO TASTY

OMG AND THIS IS THE BEST THING EVAR!!! You can stick them on WHATEVER!! I love Kirbys epic yarn ;__; UFO KIRBY!!!

and his granny got me a cute sweater :D I love it!!! I will always think of her when I wear it! She is such a sweet sweet lady! AND SHES 100!!!!! HARDCORE YO

Then the next day we spent time at my favorite market place Mitsuwa~! They had THE MOST WONDFERFUL BREAD STUFFED WITH BLUE CHEESE AND HONEY OMGGGG :D

OH and my friend Meia sent me this cute card for Christmas :D her and my cat are twins!! Look at the cute card XD

Also she stuck so many adorable stickers on the back! I PEELED IT OFF CAREFULLY!

So what did you guys get for Christmas? Did you have a FAVORITEEEE gift :D?


Thursday, December 16, 2010

vacation home & gifts

Some people have been really sweet this month and sent me gifts in the mail. Just know that if I were rich I'd spoil you all rotten!!!!

Adorable Jess sent me a really cute Christmas card she made!

and a cute cupcake luggage tag that made her think of me! T_T people are so thoughtful.

Then my friend Brittles bought me this awesome shirt from Threadless! GO RHINOCHANS GO!

She totally surprised me and it fits perfectly! *3*

And my wonderful friend Calli also sent me a pretty Xmas card because she is sweet as sugar!!

AND ALSO my friend Mary made me a dress up doll for my character ALALA *O* I can't make it work on my blog so you must travel here instead: SHES SO AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! *_*

And I forgot I ordered these earmuffs from Yume :D And they fit perfectly! AND THEY ARE SO SOFT!

Then I got to visit one of my best friends the last week. She drove down from Oregon. We usually stay in the back of her parents house in this lil mini apt. We call it our vacation home!

I did her nails!

Then we went and got gyros from this place thats been featured on diners drive ins and dives called Falafel's drive in. It was pretty good! Their hummus was really yummy and Aja got a Root beer freeze that tastes like a Root beer float! YUM!! Only way I'll put Root beer in my mouth.

Then we drove around for a long time on a Bevmo location adventure. Her GPS kept telling us it was located in a place that didn't exist! GHOST BEVMO

Then I made Aja my model for the night! Because its my secret dream to take photos of cute girls all day and dress them up in cute outfits! But shh don't tell!

Ain't she perdy c:

The next day we got Ramen for Lunch!


Karaage MMmmm

Cute Ajapie! She looks so cute with pink nails!

The we met up with her buddy Jennie (who is adorable!) & we went to see Black swan. I loved it. Mila was my favorite part. Aja kept covering her eyes because she is a fragile flower.

look at how cute they are!

Jeneh has STYLE :D

Took photos of them at a diner we went to! I'm sneaky.

Aja is all ILL KILL U

This is what happens when I tell Aja she has to pay the check. AJASMASH

Aja asking Jennie to marry her. Jennie is embarrassed!

ALSO Aja bought me the cutest Christmas presents T_T She also got me cute undies but no pics because they are on my butt. BETSY JOHNSON socks ToT its all SO ME

ahhh love love love!!!! SO LOVE!! I seriously want to treasure them forever!!! BOWS? HOW DID YOU KNOW!??

And 1 pic of Milo. My favorite dog ever. Look at that face. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM?

Me and Aja frolicking together!

I wish I could keep her forever. At least I get to spend time with her a couple times a year. I treasure our fun times. Aja is a very sweet and loving person. She always makes me feel loved and is really thoughtful and silly and I love how laid back she is. She lets me be myself around her and I never feel judged. She loves to have fun and we both like animals and to eat and discover new things! ADVENTURE!! She is the best Christmas present :D

Yea so I've had a pretty swell month so far! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Or December :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Witch Craft and NEW etsy stuff

So recently my pal Linds from Sickforcute sent me a book she was in :D called WITCH CRAFT hohohohoho! there are all kinds of adorable Halloween related tutorials inside! Just look!

She also sent me this adorable patch! so cuteeeee!

Linds is wonderful and always so good to me. You should check out Sickforcute if you haven't already. its full of cute and unique stuff for adults who are still kids at heart! I also have some prints and necklaces available there too :)

ALSO LOOK AT MY CHRISTMAS TREE. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Every time I go downstairs and see how it lights up the room I'm in loveeeee. I'm really into purple this year and thats great cuz that means I get to decorate it with pink things :D


I've been working pretty hard trying to get stuff listed to my Etsy shop in case people wanted stuff for Christmas too. I made those animal designs into stickers until I can get money together to make some charms!

And I also have a surprise grab bag available too which comes with buttons,stickers and prints!

My shop ALSO has tattoos now! :D

Just head off to my Etsy shop if you want any! :D

And last but not least a picture of Juliette :)