Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventure time and ponies

Just updating my blog because it hasn't been getting enough love this year. Sorry in advance of there are spelling errors etc!

Heres some hand made stuff I've been working on:
*I painted some little wooden hearts and turned them into necklaces:

*Made some unicorn heads from Sculpey and turned them into necklaces too!

*Also I finally got around to making zipper bag/pouch things for Fanime and I really like how they all came out. I hope people like them!

I finished the adventure time doodles I showed in my previous post!

I added Flame princess right after I saw the episode with her (*_*) I love her!!!!!!!

Finished my Monster high fanart too!

I drew some of my favorite childhood ponies:

Buttons are available for some in my new Storenvy shop :) Along with the necklaces listed above!

 I recently did shirt pre-orders for this design:

Very excited about getting them in the mail :) I'll have some to take to conventions with me too!

I doodled this for a possible shirt design as well! KITTYBUTTHOLES!!!

Kitty and donuts :9

And maybe a shirt someday with Gothicorn? I dunnoooo.

And here are some drawings I've done that I'm pretty happy with:

I also recently dabbled in resin charms and was very happy with how everything came out :) I'll also be taking these to conventions with me!

Took a picture of me wearing a bow necklace made by the lovely  mermaidinamanhole on Tumblr~

You should visit her shop because she has lots of adorable things! http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetspectre

Annnnnd I found these after Valentines in the dollar section at Biglots yey! :]
Thats all for now!