Friday, July 8, 2011

AX 2011

Anime expo came and went! I met a lot of lovely people! Ate a lot of food trucks (managed to not gain a pound @o@) went swimming and spent time with lovely friends! I miss LA already :(

A bunch of cute people passed by my table during the con and I asked for pictures!

This girl was one of the cuties at the table right next to me:

Bunny and Tiger!

Mario and Luigi ;D

Mario again~ Isn't she so adorable?

Barbie came by my table haha!

Panty and stocking :D

Princess Sapphire!

Applejack who showed off her cute butt!

hoooogugugg best cosplay of Linneus from Teahouse! (adult content)

Also I went to say hi to adorable miss Kammie who I see everywhere on the internet and shes always in the most perfect outfits! Then after i came back to my seat I noticed she was sitting behind me XD Shes just too cute!!!!

Got a cute sticker from her!

Cop Stocking :D

Some lovely people came by and gave me gifts! ; ; Please let me know if you have a blog/DA/something I can link back to :)

I'm so sorry I can't remember exactly who gave me this but isn't it so adorable? I get cupcakes AND a cute fat pony!

Also this other nice girl came by and gave me this too! Adorable Twilight Sparkle phone charm!

This really nice girl Mary would come by and ask me how I was doing everyday and gave me this adorable Miku sticker!!!

My adorable pal Kinis came by and gave me an adorable letter with adorable stationery! ; ; She drew such a cute picture of me!!!!

She left me adorable little notes on the outside! My bow, and her bow and my bfs bow XD! SO CUTE

And a really pretty watercolor of one of my characters ;o;

Holly gave me this adorable necklace!

And cutepie Stephanie came by and gave me some goodies! Earth angel minerals, A Locketship sticker and a Buzznet button :D

And I stole this adorable Kyuubey from my pal Ashley! It had a little dangly heart but it fell off! I have to put it back together~

And I got some stuff from my pal Juby! I'm very sad tho because I bought the most beautiful poster from her and someone stole it while it was locked inside my hotel storage room :( (including an adorable Pikmin poster I bought too) The hotel said they'd get back to me. But who knows. Whatever. Just sad that I'll pretty much have to wait for another AX to get another. I still have these 2 adorable keychains and a mini print thankfully!

Cutest ace attorney fanart!!!!

Then I got to meet one of my DA pals Katie AKA :D And she let me steal some of her adorable stuff!

Cutest Fran ever!!!!

I got to meet a lot of other nice people too like my forever Da pal Deadrabbit She was so nice and we talked for a long time!!! I hope we can hang sometime TuT

There were also these 3 girls who came by my table a million times and commissioned me a million times and gave me love a million times! They were all very nice and peppy!

And adorableeeeeee Emi stopped by and said hi too!!!!!

But if I didn't mention you here somewhere don't feel bad!!! I just have a horrible memory :( But It was lovely meeting each and every one of you!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

one of the nights we got to hang with my bfs cousin and his cute girlfriend! We got DEEEEElicious Japanese foods and then went drinking and dancing! It was a lot of fun. But I regretted it the next morning XD (Thankfully it was my last day at the con!)
Ryan and Stephies

Ryan says poo.

Stephies and her new boyfriend Vic mongonmgmgonononhan.

Steak sushi! yummm!!!

Cute dishes!

I don't remember what this was?

Then we went over to Trader Vics for drinks!

Their menu is scary!

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Ryan is pretty!

Then the last day my mother,bfs and I went to try this place called Honda Ya which is owned by the same peeps that own Kappo Honda which we used to go to all the time! (its right near his parents house) And it was just as good!!!

Also just as adorable!

Plenty of foods for us all!

Sesame chicken!

Shrimp! Sorry these pictures are so bad! Horrible lighting :*(

Kimchee yum!

So thats about it I think! Again if I forgot to mention you its just because I'm a huge jerk!

Hope you're all having a nice summer! xoxoxo