Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eatin real

Had an awesome weekend with surprise friends! My friend Aja was visiting the area so we both went to Eatreal and ate super real. It was delicious. And we met up with wonderful Msh who is in California at the moment. And we both love food so of course we both were all omg eatreal and I was like hey msh lets hang and maybe we can go to eat real together and she was alll omg I was totally going. Great mouths think alike.

So I forgot to take some pics of some things but I got a couple shots. My favorite place was a BBQ place called good foods catering. Which was a surprise because I'm not really into BBQ. But omg it was DIVINE. I'm sad I can't have it anymore. Most of these places are in San fran :<

The first truck we tried was a korean taco truck that sounded familiar to Kogi so I wanted to try and they were "pretty good" but not great. I didn't take a pic tho! Sorryyyy

omggg one of the best Indian food places ever. The samosas were a little buttery and perfectly seasoned and delicious. SO GOOD. man. Also first time ever eating a Indian burrito. I would do this again. lord have mercy. so fucking amazing.

Tried Karas cupcakes again because the first time I did I wasn't impressed. This photo courtesy of msh because I had devoured mine already!

Pretty fountain!

And pretty view :)

My friend brought along a little kitten she found and has been nursing it. ITS SO TINY and only 10 days old. aughg it is a nugget kitten. He cries so much but its SO cute.

And my darling msh brought me presents ;__; and shes SO thoughtful with them too. She knows exactly what I like OMG seriously. Her brain like seeped into mine and was like ohhh I know what zammie wants hohohoho.

UNICORN KEY COVERS AHHHH we both agree they are ugly but I mean seriously they are amazing.

And some adorable Alice stickers ;o;


cute adorable sweet erasers ;c;

Some neato purple/pink lead I'm so going to try out as soon as I get the chance!!!! :D

ADORABLE stationery with little black kitties ;o;

And she even brought my boyfriend stuff :> shes so so sweet. Who taught you to be so nice????
Giant awesome eraser!


And then Aja FINALLYYYYY brought my xmas presents from like last year XD

She got me these a longggg time ago and I don't think Michaels sells them anymore but when I saw them I was SO in love. Aren't they beautiful? I love black jewelry!

And she got me a cupcake mug ;____; I want to eat it!! I WILL HAVE MILK IN YOU! or maybe just keep as a decoration....I want to keep it forever and ever.

And this really cute bag :D ITS BERRY CUTE

50 year old chocolate from Peru!

And we took Purikura pics like 2 years ago? At fanime XD and she doesn't have a scanner so I never got to post these! She finally remembered to bring them!

I love my Aja and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is kind,smart,honest,confident,sweet and silly and loves me for who I am. I love her SO so much.

We also went to Tanto again and got some more delicious Kimchee and some of that sinful fried pork belly so my lovely momo could try!

Kimchee fried rice

Some yakitori

Isn't it cute inside? Poor dying flower!

So that was a delicious,fun and cute weekend :D Now its time to finish packing all my shit so I can move out tomorrow into my new place and leave my awful neighbor FO EVA

Thursday, August 19, 2010

San cuteface and slinkycat

Small bloggy post because she needs love. Little bloggy. Its almost your anniversary!!

Anyway I've been meaning to draw this cutie right here:

If you haven't already you should visit her blog. Its inspiring, pretty and organized. It always gives me eye gasms.

I haven't done polyvore stuff in awhile. Its so relaxing and inspiring. I need to draw myself in some of these outfits sometime so I can pretend I'm a pretty princess.

And here is a preview of a zodiac project I'm working on. I really like the colors and composition but I hate how the inking came out. Its just not how I want it to look. So I don't know if I'll fix it or just leave it. Or be uninspired and drop the project all together. Its really hard for me to do a matching set of anything. Consistency is hard.


Also I would love to do a contest on here but I need something like this that is free:

So if you know of something like this that I could use please ask others or let me know! Thank you :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bling and moving

Its been so long!!!! My poor baby blog has been neglected! I've been busy packing and working on commissions and other things so I haven't really had time to draw personal fun things or craft. But I did manage to make some jewelry yesterday. They're made from Sculpey and I just glued on some rhinestones! :) I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Then a couple weeks ago I blinged out my mirror more!

And I'm trying to make a Lolita design so I can have it printed on fabric and then make a cute skirt! Its not anywhere near done.

And this will also go on a skirt and probably a shirt too. I need to add more things to it! I'd love the skirt to be black/dark blue and have it be the night sky with little stars everywhere.

And if you watch me on Da you've probably already seen these designs. Also things that will go on shirts!

So yea I'm moving finally! Into a 2 bedroom, 2 story, 1.5 bath condo with a patio,fire place and washer & dryer. I'm so excited!! I'm allowed to paint my walls and I've been slowly painting the things I own so everything can look pretty!

Here are little cubbys that went to my computer desk that I chopped off and I'm going to glue together!

And here is what went on top of my computer desk which held my figures n things. I'm going to use it as a shelf on my wall!

This is what my computer desk looks like now without the cubbys and top thing. I'm going to paint it too:

This is what I pretty much want my computer area to look like. So I can be inspired! I'll have to find some ornate frames. I'd like my friends art to go on my wall too!

But I am so super happy I will finally be moving away from my asshole neighbor. This is the best part. I won't have to hear his loud car scraping the driveway. I won't have to hear him sing outside my window and talk to his dog like a retard or yell at the neighbors from a distance.

And I will be able to wash my clothes without leaving the house. And I'll be able to have a better place for the cat boxes to go so I'm not inhaling it every night while I sleep. They will have TONS of more space to roll around. And I will be able to BBQ if I want to :D

My landlords seem really awesome too!! I'm so happy about that. I move out on the 26th. But it can't seem to get here soon enough! I want to paint my walls and the rest of my things :) *hophop*

So thats about it for now! I will of course take pics of my new place before and after I paint and decorate! byechuuuu~!!