Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baggie bags

I'm trying really hard to eat better so I bought a bunch of things to make every day a little healthier. And I'm trying really hard on portion control. I bought chicken, Zucchini,Asparagus,apples,yogurt,granola, and juice. Even tho I got sauces I'm trying to only use a tbsp. And even tho I got juice. Its 100 percent juice and I'm only going to have a glass with dinner. So anyway. Its my first day today. Me and my mom are going to buy the easy shaper xD it looks so fun and I needed something that wasn't too expensive (and huge) that I could do in my apt. I also want the newer wiifit so I don't have to unlock anything :\ I just want to PLAY. Anyway I'm excited! I want to feel better every day!

So I haven't been up to much lately other than sewing and livestreaming. I made a couple bags I'll sell at Fanime. I think they're cute :)

My friend libby bought me the Alice fabric awhile ago and I finally did something with it!! Its double sided *O* I also need to sew on straps on that one.

And I bought this fabric awhile ago and made a skirt and had some left over so I made this:

And I drew this in a livestream:

You can watch me drawing it here:

I did a trade with lovely miss Akasha coulture and she made this for me *O*

Its SOOOOo cute and had a cute little detachable bow on the collar which I use on other outfits as well!!

SEE. I took some lace and added it to a cheap hoodie I bought from Walmart. yeyyyy

And a Juliette :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a Barbiegirl

So my friend Brittany bought me an ADORABLEEEEEEEE stuffed mameshiba ;3; Its so soft and CUTE and it says NE SHITERU. My little keychain broke :( so I'm happy I get another mameshiba thats all cuter and softer!! He also sounds cuter somehow :O like the recording was I dunno made to sound higher? Anyway ;3; THANK YOU BRITTLES !!!!!!

and then Joodles DREW ME THE MOST AWESOME AMAZING FANART EVERRRRRRRR OMEGGG ; ^ ; the faces are so precious!!!! Just look at EVERYTHINGGGGGGG She was all I'll draw Nekoi!! And then she drew me 3 others ;_; because shes AMAZINGGGGGG

I'm thinking about adding hair pins to my shop. I don't know how popular those are tho!

And I had an old hair bow that never sold that I still really like. So I added a rose to it and I'll probably put it back in my shop soon :)

And I went to Michaels and bought a cake tray so I could display my old charms on it and keychains. I love the edges!

Also Okami wants to invite you to see her and some other pretty ladies over at this website ;)

anddddddddd my wig came in today! I love playing dress up :D weee

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lindsay is the BEST

HORRAY more birthday gifts :D Lindsay was so sweet and sent me lots of goodies for my birthday!! She is seriously the sweetest person!!

Look at all the amazing stuff she sent me ;___; I love the tote bag and honey bear post cards the best!!! So many cute and lovely things ;;


And then my BF bought me this ADORABLE FANCY pack xD off of Etsy! Her shop is here: I wish I came up with the idea ;__; Its brilliant! I love how you can add it to any outfit and it becomes 10 times cuter~! And also so you don't have to lug your purse/bag around with you everywhere because to the UNSUSPECTING EYE it is a FANNYPACK :D and holds stuff inside!! People will be all WHATTTT when you pull your credit card or lip gloss out!! Sneaky!!

And you can wear it high or low :D

It also came along with this stuff :) And was stuffed with pink wrapping paper!

The box was decorated all pretty too!!

Also I'm so excited for fanime haha. I'm waiting for parts in the mail so I can make everything into jewelry! But weeee. All organized!

And my wonderful Lum Figma figure came in the mail yesterday :D I forgot I had preordered it! (Also a birthday present from the bf) ISN'T IT AWESOME? You can change her face and hands and pose her upside down and SHE COMES WITH A TEN!!! I love Ten ;__;

And I decorated a box I have with Deco tape and a bow :) I keep my leftovers from Fanime in it!

xoxoxo! <3

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Just a small update! I forgot to mention that my pal Kay also drew me a really cute birthday gift too :D because I'm a terrible friend!

I made some pillows cuz I was in the mood. But I'm terrible at stuffing so they are lumpy and sad pillows :[ I would like to make a cupcake and a candy as well.

I also went to walmart and picked up this thing for the kitchen? But hung it up on my wall instead so I could hang my hair accessories and things on it! Also my lovely totes from Miss Kika and Mary :)

And also this is what my price list for Fanime will look like :) I'm excited to be so organized so well in advance. I hope I do well. Because what I make will determine when I can move back to southern california.

And a sloppy half assed Juliette!

And if you haven't seen this AMAZING COMIC my boyfriend did for me HERE IT IS IN ITS PONY GLORY!!

Hilarity. You can find more of his wonderful art on DA Mopinks

And read his webcomic here :D UFO

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday stuff , Website stuff and merchandise stuff

For my birthday my mom came over and made me yummy macaroni soup. I did a hilarious thing and went to the post office and asked the lady there what the date was. OH ME!

Anyway I bought an awesome new light box thanks to Lindsay from sickforcute! It came with all kinds of things including an amazing adjustable tripod. I got this one: It helps make my images a lot brighter but I still have to do a lot of editing in photoshop. Oh well! I still love it.

And my friend Rami drew me an awesome Juliette so I colored it :)

And mary recently sent me this WONDERFUL ring which I finally took a picture of:

and she also sent me these things for my birthday :D

I wish you could see how pretty these are in person *_* They are BEAUTIFUL!!

And a pretty necklace with her too *O* I love it SOOOO fucking much!!!

And A BRACELET WITH BOWS 8D HOW DID SHE KNOW????? Its so awesome *_* I want to cover myself with bows all day!

And a HILARIOUS paint by numbers unicorn that I am going to paint the shit out of!! XD

Oh also in case you didn't notice I now have acrylic charms available on my Etsy shop!!

And also I have prints available on sickforcute! :D

Just click on the images to go there :) xoxoxo!!

oh also I made a website using and its so easy!! I'm still not done but you can view it here: zambicandyland


Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday fun times!

So I rented a hotel so I could have fun at the cherry blossom festival in San fransisco the weekend of my birthday! It was fab. It did rain tho! But that didn't stop me from having fun!! On Saturday I got up early so I could go try these: The best one was the Caramel de sel! I tried the bacon one too and it was yummy but the caramel one had orange flavor inside *___* and it was just explosion of amazement. In my mouth. Then we got to Japantown and we wandered around and looked at things at the New people building and Kinokuniya.

We had lunch at Mifune and they were greedy with their water and it annoyed me :( But we ate these pretty things!

The cherry trees were so pretty! I love this pic:

They had pretty Ikebana displays so I took a couple pics!

And they had really pretty decorations all over the ceiling inside the mall!!

And a pretty tree made of lights!

Look its hello kitty :D

And inside the new people building bathrooms they had pretty little vases on the sinks!

Then at 7 we met up with Liz and her bf Nara :) They were wonderful and nice and offered to drive us to get some crepes and then gave us a ride back to our hotel!!! So we didn't have to call a cab ; ; so nice! Dave from DA came along too and he was super nice!! Then we when back to our hotel and died. Our feet were in so much pain xD

Then the next morning we met up with Liz and Nara again and waited for Twinkiechan and Amy AKA Shrinkle to show up! Then we went to the lolita fashion show and I took some pics!

All of them lined up:

Amy being cute and silly!

And liz posing for me :D and wearing one of my rings! <333 Isn't she so pretty? Her boyfriend Nara has cool hair too!!

Then we went to grab something to eat! Look at these beautiful fucking sushi.

At 4 I had to leave but everyone was so wonderful in person! I had such a nice time!! I hope we all get to hang out again! :) I like wonderful people! Especially considering I hate everyone else hahaha.

I got some birthday gifts for myself at this one little shop. I've been needing a pocket mirror badly but everywhere I searched had ones that I could easily scratch so I found one that was in a case. And a pretty case at that! There were 5 designs I fell in love with but I chose this one because of the pattern! So prettyyyy

And I bought this magazine that was full of cute decorated rooms! ahhhh my favorite!!

Some adorable socks with bows on them *___*

An umbrella cuz it was raining and I had no umbrella XD But look at its cuteness and look at the trim!! SO CUTE.

And the Mameshiba book I wanted to get the last time :D Its so cute ;__;

Oh! And liz brought me cookies for my birthday :9

I had a wonderful birthday weekend *__* today is my birthday tho and I have no idea what I'm gunna do xD