Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Local fair fun times

 Just a small blog post on my local fair. I like going to fairs just for the exhibit rooms, contest displays, animals and food. I never get on any of the rides or play games.

I love the floral culture areas. So many pretty flowers and it smells SO GOOD.

Last year I think they had some kind of reptile exhibit but this year they had more wildlife!!! I was so excited.  

New friend

Also new friend

Cutest Kangaroooo!!!!! The care taker said his name was Cody and that he was like a big puppy dog. KISSES.

Tiniest Hedgehogs ;__;

 Cuties!! The red one danced for me :>

I really love butterfly displays even tho I feel bad for them.

I didn't get a good picture of the Kookaburra but they look like this X___X !!!;_ylt=AtNmF1Sbbp.Z8bOBNapMejGbvZx4?fr=yfp-t-701-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=kookaburra SO CUTE

Outside was this cute dollhouse for kids. It was only a wall tho :\ the other side just had benches???

And thats it. I really miss the LA fair because they have amazing contest entries for things. Like I love looking at the collections people have of their toys. Or art from local schools. Theres nothing worth taking pictures of here :(

Also I had some REALLY bad fair food I regret buying and eating. But now I know for next year :| ...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Anime Expo 2012 adventures

Had a really lovely time at AX this year. I always enjoy visiting LA. I miss it very much. When I get the chance to go down I try and pack in as much adventure time as I can and try and visit my favorite places.

I met a ton of lovely people and saw many familiar faces! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone that stopped by and said nice things to me. I also really love when people re-visit me because its nice knowing you like coming back! 

So I'm going to section these off into table photos, people and food. I can't remember which days I did anything! Its all a blur haha.

So here's a shot of my booth. Not that much different from Fanime. 

And my table neighbor was actually someone I've admired for years! She and her table mate were both super nice and polite. I enjoy sitting next to lovely people <3 Here are their DA pages: and

 Sorry this one came out so blurry!

My pal Mira had a table too and I took some pics this time! Did you guys know that she has a heart for a head? ALSO BUY HER LEFTOVERS:
 Pretty buttons *_*

Her table buddy Angel: Who was also super nice!
 ahh look at this adorable print! I love that Madam Flurrie is Rise xD

And Katie's booth:
She had some really awesome Go Nagai buttons!

My pal Ashley's set up display: NO PICTURES hahaha. Totally stole that Pinkie pie drawing. I DON'T EVEN LIKE PINKIE PIE. BUT LOOK AT IT. ITS GREAT.

Got pics of some super cuties!

From left to right: Vivka (who is incredibly wonderful) Irene the adorable booth babe crabby bear! (She was working Martin Tsu's booth)  Adorable Chrissa! (god her outfit was so cute!) Sorry you are blurry!! ;;

From left to right: My pal Michelle aka Chubby Bunny stopped by in an awesome Eva hoodie! (super jealous) A super cute Miss Fortune from Skull girls! A Kurai and Mad Hatter! (used to love Angel Sanctuary)

From left to right: A cute Draculaura! A cute Chi! (With cute panties on head haha) SAILOR MOON IN MID TRANSFORMATION! (amaze)

From left to right: A really cute Rarity and Spike! And a fancy boy Rarity! Love the measuring tape detail! 

 And these girls are really sweet and came by my table last year too! They make me draw ponies and they remember my Fatbatcat character ;   ; weeps. Also aren't they so cute? Here are their Da pages: and

When I got a chance to get away from my table I went and took pics of some stuff in the dealers room! 

Twinkiechan: (at the Brands Boutique pop-up shop booth)

My friend Kinies came by and gave me a small present and SHE HAND MADE THIS ADORABLE LITTLE PHONE CHARM FOR ME. ITS THE CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. It's so well made! There are no finger prints and the details are amazing. Everything is just SO perfect. And she wrote Zambi on it and AWWWW forevers. It's going to keep my phone company for all time!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH CUTEFACE!

Also this girl stopped by my table with the cutest bag!! haha SHARK

And I FINALLY got to visit the Coolhaus shop in Culver City! we tried sweet potato marshmallow and chicken and waffles flavors! The chicken and waffles was so good D: 
We went to Arashi Sushi again and I got this lovely thing with ponzu sauce! nomnom

Also I'd like to give out a couple of shout outs to these lovely girls: (who came by and bought a ton of my stuff and we chatted about sewing and hair dye) who comes by my table whenever she goes to the same cons I go to! Shes always super nice and her friends are nice too. They're all so supportive and sweet xoxoxo Who has commissioned me a couple of times and is the sweetest. Her art is really cute too!!

And that's it! I hope you're all having a nice summer! xoxoxo