Wednesday, February 17, 2010


ohhh lalalalalalala I ordered some Decora loose eye shadow from Sugarpill aka Shrinkle :D and got it in the mail yesterday so I dolled myself up and took pics!!!

First here is the box that it came in :) Such a cute kitty stamp! Amy is so nice and sent 2 stickers instead of one and ALSO SHE IS THE SWEETEST PERSON EVER. In general yes. This is true.

I love Lauren Shes such a cutiepie. She also has 2 kitties that look like my kitties :) hehe.

And JUST LOOK AT THE CUTE PACKAGING. ughhh I love the little heart hole ;o;

And such a cute little bottle too ;__;

Also this eye shadow is SUPER soft and creamy. I can't even feel it on my eyes :0 usually eye shadow sits on my eyes and feels super heavy and my eyes end up drying out. Even when I use primer. That just makes my eyes feel heavier x__o but yea this eye shadow is so light and soft I don't feel like I'm wearing make up at all!! I love it <333333333 br="">
HERE IS ME with some on.

And here is a close up of my eyeballs. Aren't my shades hip?

And one last one just because I love playing with my new camera xD

And here is the Cupcake queen. Queen of all cupcakes of course:

AND THIS: ohhh mygooodddd



acrylicana said...

SO excited to see the packaging ;)

And oh, it looks fabuloso on you; ) the other makeups too :B YAY for makeup time.

Your lady is such a cutie (queen cupcakes).

lisa t said...

umm i LOVE your bangs. did i tell you that!!? it really makes me want bangs. OH the eyeshadow looks so cute. :D sometimes i think i would like to try some funky colored eye shadow but i really don't know anything about it but YOU look great!

Studio Cutecake said...

Oh miss Tpal you are so sweet. :D Did you know that YOUR face is one of my favorite faces ever?? Especially when you smile. Its just VERY CHARMING. And brings a smilie to my face <3

Lindsay! said...

you are so cute!!!

K. Van Dam said...

I want every single item you have pictures of in here (including your face =3=)! Such cute stuff! Shadow looks great on you! Great color (and I love the shades ahahah)! Also Queen Cupcake is amazingly adorable!

Hikaru said...

Now I finally know what the Zammi look like! o wo How are Shrinkle's cosmetics? I met her in SF during a Lolita event. : o I still have the little card thinger... I think. ._.; Also, I love your eyes (glasses, I call 'em eyes because I'm blind without 'em).

Studio Cutecake said...

Aw I really wanted to meet her then :D Not like shes hard to miss but I looked and looked and alas no Amy! Her make up is super lovely. She sent me other colors as well and I played with them on my hand and blended colors together. I really love Lumi because if you add it to yourself or anything and it instantly makes everything sparkle :D Also they are super bright and opaque when applied. I didn't have a primer and it was beautiful!!