Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun times in Sanjo

So Thursday my mom drove me to San Jose so I could visit my beloved daughter Aja and we hung out and had a glorious time! When I got there she got ready and we headed out to grab some lunch at La Victoria which has amazing orange sauce that you pour over whatever you eat and its delicious and omggg.

While we were waiting for out food at La Vics

Then we stopped at Mitsuwa market place to grab some snacks and drinks and looked inside Kinokuniya for a bit! They had lots of adorable things like stickers and Tiny toy food and chairs! Then we went back to her parents house and hung out for a bit.

AND THAT WAS WHEN I FORCED HER AGAINST HER WILL TO UNDRESS FOR ME. 80 I made her try on my clothes that I've sewn :3 Isn't she a cutie pie?

My dress. It needs little bows on the top near the boobs because my teacher made me sew it wrong xD but it looks ok.

Flower skirt

Candy skirt :9

Waist clincher. I need to make it bigger! :3 But I think it looks really cute on her!

Then we left again and went to the mall when I MADE HER UNDRESS AGAIN 80 and I took more cute pics of her wearing Forever 21 clothes! DID I MENTION SHES ADORABLE?

Aghhh she is so cute ;__; I miss her so much. She is so wonderful. I love her personality and that we can just be ourselves and have fun and enjoy food and animals and doodle and share dumb stories with each other!

She bought me this Eye shadow brush while we were at Forever21 ISNT IT CUTE? Its pink :D It looks way better in person! I was too lazy to take pics of it!

And I bought this Mucha book for only 14 bucks at Barnes and Noble *____*

Then we went out to eat at Rock bottom. I was sad they took my 2 favorite things off the menu but they still have my chocolate cheesecake! And after that we went back to her parents house and I told her scary UFO stories and she cried. >3

The next morning we rolled around with the dogs in bed and my favorite of the bunch Milo <-click gave me lots of hugs and kisses and play growled and rolled around and was just plain cute all over.

Around 3 I had to leave :( I will miss my baby daughterchans very much. I can't wait for us to go on another adventure!


lisa t. said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. um WOW. the clothes you made are beautiful!! i can't believe you made those!! the dress is like amazing. i would buy that in .5 seconds if i saw it at the store. i've always been completely baffled by the art of sewing so i'm like, really and truly impressed. you're such a multi-talented lady. when i win the lottery can i hire you to design me a new wardrobe?? >:I

glad you had fun seeing your friend!! i love days like those, so fun. :)

Studio Cutecake said...

omggg yes I will design clothes for you all day ;o; <33333

I rarely get days like those and I rarely like people as much as her so it is extra special!!

Ashley R. D. said...

I am jealous of that book! I've wanted it for so long but I hate paying so much for shit I can probably find online lol
I'm such an piratey arse 8D
Your friend IS adorable! <3

Those clothes are awesome Zammu!
You should come work for the museum here with me 8D
We'll be making apron dresses and such!
Sewing fun times! lol

Well miss you lovey! <3 ttys!