Monday, November 21, 2011

Magnets, facebook and drawings

Just a quick post to show you what I've been up to!

My piece for the Locketship event is for sale on their site!!! yey It will be there until December:

I recently went cleaning and found some magnets I made haha :) Totally forgot all about them!

Tried out some Speedball drawing fluid on a yudu screen I had. You can draw directly on the screen with it! So hopefully my test shirt will come out ok!

I have a facebook fan page! 

I post daily sketches :)

When it reaches 200 fans I will have a giveaway!

Here are some things I've been drawing :)

Oldie cartoons~ I'll be doing more once I have the time!

And I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) xoxoxo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sparkle ship weekend

Last weekend was Locketship's 4 year anniversary party. It was the cutest thing ever. Space themed and everyone was dressed so cute and the booths were all decorated amazingly! Plus it's always nice to see people you like and admire!

When you walked in, an adorable unicorn pinata greeted you! I kinda need this in my house :( Someone send it to me yeah? Okay cool.

Maria's booth had such cute ideas! This one is my favorite because uhm mini cat scratcher!!!:
I liked the hanging decorations too! So cute!
LaurenWK cuteface :) I really like this as a table decoration too. Because photoshoots are lovely and it showcases the jewelry too!
More lovely pictures from the booths~ Liz/Misskika did the designs for this collection and everything is so pretty! The purple octopi are my fave :)

ChubbyBunny and Locketship collaboration :) love the stars!!!
Lil Rae cakes :D She had such cute ideas for them too. EVE! And Flight of the Navigator haha, Toy Story, Star Trek and more!

Recently ChubbyBunny and I did a collaboration together and I had a LOT of fun. She turned the drawings I did into cute zipper bags and buttons :D She will also have other stuff available at Sweet Streets this coming Saturday! (I wish I could go) so if you are in LA please go and have a look see and have fun for me!!

More adorable stuff at the ChubbyBunny booth!!!

Michelle and Jenny :D ( I have no idea why Michelle's nose is orange! I blame the lighting.
 Maria's outfit was SO adorable but I didn't get a picture of the bottom but it was SO puffy and had lights and ahhh. Also doesn't she look adorable with pink hair????!! Full shot of her outfit here: Plus other cute photos!
 Miss pretty Stephanie :) I just love this outfit soooo much. It also lights up!! The stars were my favorite part!
 Doesn't Yume have the best smile? ;___; I'm so jealous of her pretty smile.
 Can we just talk about how awesome Bebe's costume is???? I mean seriously. Plus pervert Woody in her boobs wins ALL the awards.
Zambi standing next to her art piece. Smiling oddly as usual.
 More pics from the art show/gallery! Click on the images to visit their sites. :)
 My new friend Aurora had her piece right next to mine! :D Really like the colors!
 Just realized this was supposed to be turned the other way. MY BAD I AM SORRY. Love the space in hair idea!
 Kitties in space *_* need I say more?
 I wish this hadn't come out so blurry >:\ Its so cute!!!
 So pretty!
 Liz's adorable piece!!! Love the colors and stars and her cute outfit! And of course I forgot to get a print of it :I I asked if I could take a pic of the print and the guys were all "oh there's one hanging too!" and then my attention was lost forever.
 This one was cool because Orbit spins around :D And the lights come through the back! (couldn't find anything to link this back to ; 3 ; )
 Such a cute!!!
 Love how hardcore this one is :] (I could not find a site to link this to either but if you have one I shall plug it asap!)
 Sporkii's amaaaaazing piece. I mean jesus. I really love the hair. SO MUCH HAIR. I don't think my camera captured the colors well at all. I tried really hard to get a picture without the glass reflection but it just ended up making the image blurry :( boo!
 Close up :)
 This is just so great. I am so impressed by people that can crochet in general but LOOK AT IT. So much detail and its such a cute image. Love the swirly rocket flames!

 Haha I love Yume's piece because it has her kitties in it!!!
And I somehow missed taking a photo of this adorable piece:  :( I'm sorry!!!

Earlier that morning we went to Blu Jam Cafe and tried their breakfast/lunch. Everyone is always raving about the breakfast and while it was good, I don't think it was THAT good. I enjoyed the burger much more. I know now to only eat their lunch and dinner. I really crave that mac and cheese they gave us last time we were there!!!
And before we left we stopped at Nijiya market so I could have my fill of melon flavored things. The boyfriend SPOTTED THESE near the register. SO HAPPY.

Aside from some unwanted family issues :I I had a really lovely weekend. I love you all! xoxo