Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Super market

A while ago I was invited to be a vendor at Super Market presented by Bubble Punch ! I was super effing excited *_* And it made me feel all fuzzy inside! I hope I can go again!!! I had a really lovely time and I ALWAYS enjoy seeing people I like. I got to spend time with my pal Liz and my new friend Katie!

I got to Liz's around 7 and we went out for bento! It was tasty! I got a few cute pics of her :3

The next day we headed out real early so we could get to LA in time. I only got 2 hours of sleep so that was fun XD But it was ok! I managed to survive the day! IT SNOWED in the grapevine! I love seeing snow :D

My booth:

Liz's booth:

Adorable Maria from

Jon from :

I'm sad I didn't get more pictures! I was stuck at my table and these peeps were the closest to me ;__;

This really cute girl came by my booth and I asked for a photo of her wearing one of my necklaces! :D

I was sitting close to this cutie too! I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of her but you can find her Tumblr here: and her Etsy shop here: But she was super sweet and she had really cute things and we did a trade! I loved her little stars! She also drew me this adorable card because she didn't have business cards!

later that night we stopped by Milk because I was aching for dessert and I've always wanted to try their blue velvet cake! It was pretty good! Not as amazing as some cakes I've tried but the blueberries made it so lovely! I wish there were MORE!

After that we met up with super sweet Jennifer Erickson who let us stay with her in her super cute place! I forgot to take a picture of what the outside looked like. But it was really cute. It was like a tiny city behind some doors. You'd never know it was there if you drove by!

We met up at Key Club for and there they had a fashion show! My very first ever! It was really awesome seeing all the models so close! And they played these 2 songs that I fell in love with:

Also got to see a really cute model who had body paint! SHE JUST HAD THE LOVELIEST BOOBS! She walked by me upstairs and I complimented her by pointing to all of her XD (It was loud ok x3) and she gave me a huge smile and said thank you!

I tried taking a picture inside the club but got magical photo instead!

Then we went back to Jennifer's place and crashed for the night!

The next morning we ventured over to the new DAISO in Torrance and I got lots-o-goodies! Everything at this store is $1.50! (except for a few things) DANGEROUS!

Anyways! I got some punches so I can make cute shapes for my resin charms!

I also got some very adorable molds!

Got some much needed socks too! I go through socks so fast ;  ;

Some cute mittens!

Arm warmers! My wrists are always too cold :(

Gift bags for Fanime:

Memopad for Etsy orders:

2 cute boxes! I thought it only came with one but was really happy to find out it included 2! So cute! I used them for my stuff I use with my computer. Like printer paper and manuals!

Eyelash case! But I'm using it for sewing stuff! Its so cute :)

I got some fake eyelashes because I've always wanted to try them out!

Ribbon for various projects!

Also my birthday was April 12th and my friends gave me wonderful things because they are awesome!!

My BFF sent me this ADORABLE card!! IT'S PERFECT HELLO! I'm hanging it on my wallllsss!

The boyfriend bought me these adorable stickers while we were in San Francisco! BOWZ.

And he also drew me adorable things ; ; LOOK AT HOW CUTE I AM! CANDY PRINCESS!

Also us as unicorns XD rubbing our horns...because they itch. Ya ya thats it.

And my friend Sasha drew me one of my characters in a REALLY cute Kimono! She always does something for me on my birthday and it always makes me happy ; ; Look at how cute she made Nekoi!!!

My lovely little Kinies drew me all Lolita queen/princess!!! ; ; SO DARLING AND PRECIOUS. I was all AWWWWWWUUUuuuuuu

Cute miss drew me this AMAZING THING! Magical pegicorn that can take me to Japan *___* IF ONLY IT WERE REAL LIFE!!! It's so detailed and adorable!


Also! I did a Dress-up Doll for Doll Divine and you can play it here: Or here: :D ( I love seeing all the designs people come up with!! )

I made these!

I hope you're all having a lovely year! xoxoxo