Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun times with my daughter

I went to San Jose to visit my lovely daughter Aja for a couple days of fun and we went to eat at delicious places and did a bunch of girly crap! I had so much fun! I will be a ball of sunshine for awhile!

So the day I got there we went and got Chipotle. And chatted it up pretty hard core. Then we went to a fucking huge mall! Tons of fancy expensive stores!

They had a Betsey Johnson store :D so I looked at all the pretty. I like the dress in the window!

Then I went to Sephora to see how much bare mineral primer was and then accidentally walked out with it and didn't notice until we were half way to the car! oh me!

Thennnn we hit up another mall and THEY HAD A CONTAINER STORE. Ohhh how I've missed the container store!!! I found this adorable ring box that looks like a shopping bag :D SO CUTE

I don't know what store we were in but they had a lot of pretty decor! I snapped a pic of this awesome chandelier!

Look at my cutie!

We got some Karas cupcakes but mine sucked. I got a lemon one but it was filled with like the lemon in lemon meringue pie. So gross! But cute.

I texted lovely miss Sparklystephiee and she told me some yummy places to eat in San jose :3 I was soooo grateful because the place we tried was wonderful! She is food mistress and she delivers!!!

Its called Tanto and Its an Izayaka :9 Just like Kappo Honda!

Aja got this pork thing we were thinking was going to be like breaded pork but NO it was DEEP FRIED BACON! It was sinful...I'm going to hell for eating it....

and I got some sushi because I always need my sushi! The mayo on top almost tasted like nacho cheese haha! But it was still delicious.

And we also got some kimchee with rice. No idea it was going to be so huge! But it was sooooo good.

Then at night I forced Aja to get naked and dress up for me ):U

My lil Loli

Shes so cuteeeee!

Then we snuggled up and watched El Dorado and fell asleep. One of my fave movies!

Then the next day we went to Mitsuwa marketplace and snagged some Melon soda so we could have some fun drinky times. I went to Kinokuniya to see if they had any new Cutie interior issues but no :( Thats ok!

We found this ice cream place that had CORN AND CHEESE flavor! They also have avacado, Durian, Horchata and other weird stuff! I tried the Durian and corn and cheese XD the corn and cheese just kinda tasted like creamed corn? And the Durian was just nasty XD I was expecting it to! But just EWwwwwww I got a less offensive flavor and got oatmeal cookie!

For dinner we got Antonellas and I got this delicious steak thing >_> COVERED in gorgonzola. Usually when people have a steak dish with gorgonzola on top its like little sprinkles but the cheese was invading my meat! And it was SO great! I couldn't eat the potatoes tho because they were too garlicyyyy

Then we watched The secret of Kells which I thought was really pretty and stylish. I enjoyed all the characters and the movie in general but hated the ending. It felt really anti-climatic and empty. But you guys should all see it anyway!

Here is the trailer:

And then a link to the movie:

oh and this thing is neat to look at!

Later that night we had some drinky time and hilarious things happened. But I can't give you the details for they are secret and could shame Aja for the rest of her life~! (notrlybutitwashilarious)

More cute Aja pics! I dolled her up in Sugarpill but you can't see it very well in the images!

The next day we lazed around and got up at 4 to drive at get some dinner! We tried another Izakaya that my bf was showing me on Yelp the night before. It wasn't as good as Tanto but the inside was ADORABLE. It was also expensive...so I'd rather go back to Tanto! But it was still pretty good.

They made you take off your shoes :D and I love that the floor had holes for your feet to go down into!

We got a Kimchee pizza with mushrooms and then another one with Miso and mushrooms. I took some home for my bf because he had to sit at home sick and miss out on our delicious adventures!

And we also got this pork thing with asparagus? It was ok...but the brown sauce under it was GOOOOdddd

Then we made cupcakes :D I've always wanted to make cupcakes with my girl friends! They aren't that impressive but I had fun! I loved making them!

Blood cupcake batter!


And then the next morning I said goodbye to Aja and Milo.

And I saw Inception which was fun and I enjoyed it but I didn't think it was the most amazing thing ever. I loved all the characters and the story! And also how do people come up with shit like this? So many ideas all in one movie. Pretty impressive.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm really happy because I get to see one of my best friends this weekend and visit San Jose :D She lives really far so I rarely get to see her!

So I got this fortune today XD How appropriate!! haha

And I made these recently and I'm going to add them to my shop soon :) I'm very happy with them!!

I also recently bought some pretty bling so I could deco stuff. I decorated 2 things so far! I like how they turned out :) I'll be selling them soon probably!

I bought a cardboard? booklet thing from Michaels and I painted it pink and then changed the paper on the inside to white paper instead of the brown stuff they had before!

And I worked on some little watercolor paintings so I could make some cute greeting cards. Well they are sort of watercolor. I used crayola markers and then use a brush and water to smudge the color! I like them!

Oh also! I got a new phone :D I'm really happy with my purchase cuz it was only 20 bucks and it has unlimited internet! So I can tweet now XD and it has a GPS so I can never get lost again!~~~

OH and I made my first pair of panties finally :D I'm SOOOOOO happy with how they turned out! I don't know if I'm just going to sell them or find a model first but we'll see! I want them to go to a new home badly :D

Thats all folks!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacations all I ever wanted

Well my vacation started off pretty damn annoying. I thought I was gunna have to pay to rent a car but didn't have to after all. So that was swell! So anyway we got to the city of Claremont kinda late but thats ok! We got some delicious Wolfes!

I know it might look boring. But it is perfection. Just so simple and delicious because all the ingredients are fresh and quality. I also saw that they had cupcakes so I had to get me a red velvet! The other one is peanut butter nommmmm:

This is mine. Its just turkey with mayo, Muenster, and lettuce on sourdough. But its sooooo good. I can't even look at the photo without wanting it bad! D: Also the creamy pasta salad is wonderful ;__; its not potato salad-y at all! Just cream and delicious!!

And this is what my bf got. Its pastrami with mustard,mayo, lettuce, tomato on squaw! With gross potato salad.

Then we stopped at Ikea. Omg. so like. I've never been. It was ORGASMS EVERYWHERE. AGUH I was in heaven!!!!!

This is the coolest fucking table EVER. Its so perfect for me!!! Because BOTH SIDES fold!!! So I could have all my sewing stuff on it and then put it away afterward!! aghhh brilliant!

Did you know....that I LOVE cubbys?

Then they had all these wonderfully decorated rooms. I was just dying. Look at how wonderful they all are? I would love to get paid to decorate little fake rooms like this. I would just have SO MUCH fun!

Pink and black? UM YES.

Then I visited my aunt for 5 seconds and then went to THE OC to rest up a bit and got some Kappo Honda! I love that they are open until 1am. I just love going there at night. Its so cozy.

Cheese Fry:

Mozzarella with Wasabi!

We got up BRIGHT AND EARLY to go to LA and stopped at this cute shop called Japan LA. It has so many cute things! I bought some stickers for my bff!

The front of the store:


Got a cute free bookmark too!

Then we found this place called Muma that has Shawarma *__* It really didn't look that good and I was afraid it was going to be boring but NO. It was FABULOUS OMG.

I got some with feta and this delicious spicy red sauce! god it was SOO good. And a side of sweet potato fries :D MMmmmm

And thennnnn we went to Little Tokyo and got some Calpico and stopped at Kinokuniya where I bought this cute book:

Its just a book with ideas and tutorials on how to deco your belongings! ugh I want to deco everything D:

Little tokyo is very cute!

Then we went to this place thats kinda like Kappo Honda called Haru Ulala and tried some neat things!

This is fried Camembert cheese and it came with Tonkatsu sauce! Which I love more than anything.

And I got some sushi. It was ok. I've had better!

Short rib *___* It was so good and I dipped it in the Tonkatsu sauce!!! ugh!

And they gave us free chocolate mousse :D

Disneyland stuff will go here: http://zambicandy.blogspot.com/2010/07/disneyland.html (there is so much)

Got lunch at Rockin Baja! Its always SO good. I love it. While I was at Disneyland we noticed some lady in front of us wearing one of their shirts XD I think they said they were from New Mexico too! I was all HEYYY I KNO THAT PLACE! I know I've taken pics before but its so pretty! And so many salsas! mm

Then we went and got some ice cream from this wonderful place called "Hans ice cream and Deli" They have WONDERFUL ice cream. And this time I noticed they had ice cream sandwiches!!

Mint chip with oatmeal cookies :D

And Licorice (Zam says ew gross)

Then for Dinner we went to meet up with the lovely Miss Sparkly Stephee. Who brought along Miss Stephy 2. And we got delicious Kogi BBQ (if you can get your hands on these tacos DO IT. Because they are SO AMAZING. They are just AGDOUHHH

I snuck these pics while they were chatting >:3
God I want her awesome unicorn necklace *__*

Look at Steph2 making a cute face.

Pork tacos


Then they were super nice and took us to this cute place called Mochiato! Gelato Mochi! Crazy? I know! I guess I forgot to take pics XD But here are some pics: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/BG_e0uG2XGOtcudG4lUSLg?select=hQoyLvGqKJcQGaaeQPxEBQ They have all kinds of flavors! Like Plum wine and Cookies n cream and Tira Misu!

Stole this pic from http://www.podgypanda.com/ who hung out with us! :)

Then we stopped at Miss Irenes place so I could meet her! I can't tell you how nice all these girls were. I just feel so lucky to get to hang out with people I consider cool. And then have them be super sweet to me. Its just great!!! I hope we can all hang again soon.

I had such an awesome week!