Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sailor Moon explosion

Been drawing a ton of Sailor Moon stuff recently because I am participating in Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show at Rothick Art House in Anaheim California! There will be 2 big nights! I will be there opening night selling prints so please come by and say hi! : )

Opening Night: 7/5/2014
 Art Crawl Night: 8/9/2014 

RSVP here: and invite your friends :)

Heres the official Facebook page:

 Artists participating in the show:
Kelly Eden
Glenn Arthur
Michelle Orozco
Sunset Dragon
Pat Mao
Alexandra Rox YurSox
Sasha Palacio
Diane Nguyen
Jamie Tablason
Diana Corpus
Jacqueline Monroe
Elizabeth Beals
Amanda Santana
Brianna Garcia
Claire Hummel
Melissa Pagluica
Miss Kika
Heather Carlton
Anneli Olander Berglund
Jenna Smith
Yume Ninja
Amanda Turnage
Dustin Myers
Stephanie Kao
e.D. Xu
Yue Li
Aimee Steinberger
Caitlin Ono
Kristen Van Dam
Crazy Spork
Varinya Nunez
Tiffany Le
Bunny (Bonbon Bunny)
Sara Pocock
Sakari Singh
Kevin Cameron aka herogear
Greg Stefano
KC Jansen
Christy Lijewski
Emiliz Tolibas
emma sancartier
Luli Bunny
Sara Richard
Jackie Huang
Michael Matsumoto
Christine Crosson
Naomi Hicks
Eric Pietrangolare
Stacy LeFevre
Creature of Habit
Siam├ęs Escalante
Asia K Horton
Rudy Fig
Peter Paul

There will be an online collector's preview (artwork from the show available to purchase before the general public at opening night) on July 3rd. If you want to be on the list please email with the subject line "collector's preview" stating you want to be on the list so you can obtain the info and password for the preview!

Here are my pieces for the show: 
Moon Crystal power
Marker and poster paint on Bristol
 Bye chu
Marker and poster paint on Bristol
 Moony Unis 
Marker and poster paint on Bristol
 Here are inspired looks I was planning on wearing to the show but it looks like I won't be able to after all.
Black lady: (I forgot to draw the moon on upside down)
 I was planning on putting this one in the show but I just didn't like it enough.
Chibiusa wearing a Pegasus necklace:
 And another one I didn't think was good enough. 
Human Luna:
 Both are available in my shop!

I'll have these buttons and charms at the show with me too! : )

And I'll also have 11 x 14 prints of these 2:
Scanned, cleaned up and colored in MangaStudio
 I redid this entire image digitally so I could have the nicest print for it:

Here is a mock up of my display. I still want to add more stuff to it like bows and whatnot:

I made a cut out Helios to hang on my display too :) He'll be for sale at the end of the night~

And one last thing I'll have with me are these really cute 3 x 3 waterproof stickers. I had to redo the colors in CYMK so they printed ok. I like how they turned out! 
4$ each

My friend Kristen (Aka Interpunkt) can't make it to the show so I will be selling her lovely things for her~
I love these matching images *_____* LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR! So pretty!!!

And she will have these as mini print/postcards!

So please tell everyone about the show!!! Come if you can and bring friends! Come support the gallery and all the amazing artists!!!
I can't wait to see you there!