Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything is falling into place...

So my friend finally found a place that makes lovely acrylic jewelry so hopefully sometime soon I will be able to make all my art into jewelry and things!! YEY so I've been getting sketches ready by resizing them so I can ink and color them. Also I really hope my computer doesn't explode on me while I make the file I need to send off to get this done..... :D

This last weekend I went to Socal and looked at this apartment I wanted. Here is their website: http://www.huntingtonhighlanderapts.com/ Its just an awesome website. I'm impressed with everything about it. I have to wait to see when they will have a one bedroom for 995 available tho. And I have no idea when that will be. But I want this apartment so bad. It was super nice. I loved how everything was placed in the room. Like how the bathroom is separated from the bedroom and the kitchen is open on both sides. The only downside is that there is no dishwasher or fridge. But they do rent out fridges for 20-30 dollars. Which is awesome to me! Anyway the area and complex were super lovely. Even better than the pictures they have on the site. The area around the complex is so pretty and clean too! AND AND its right RIGHTT by a mall I enjoy with delicious food, a bookstore, michaels craft store, petco, and they will be building a wholefoods. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. This place is made for me :I Its also really close to my bfs parents house which is populated by Japanese everything. So that means I can get my fill of Calpico and Kappo Honda.

Speaking of Kappo Honda! They don't have a website but they are so fucking good. Everything always tastes fresh and I'm never disappointed.

I tried the Kimchi pork: It is SO good :I

And also their sushi is just the best sushi I have ever had. It just melts in your mouth. And the flavor is so mild and refreshing. Its SO GOOD.

And they also have the best boneless fried chicken ever too :I I wish I knew how to make it.

My boyfriend tried the tongue xD

and pork belly: tho this is good to me.

And he got some spicy chicken wings and chicken skin.

And some pretty Mochi.

And while we were down we also managed to catch the Kogi BBQ taco truck! WHICH IS AMAZING BTW. I have never eaten a taco this delicious D: I want more so badly. And 2 dollar tacos come on!!! I can't even describe to you how good it was. It was sweet and spicy and just CONSUMED my mouth with flavors!!!!! It made Chipotle look like ass D: Here is there site: http://kogibbq.com/ Look at the menu. DOESNT EVERYTHING LOOK SO GOOD? ;___; I had the pork tacos and the black jack quesadilla. The tacos were the best part tho. As soon as I bit into them I was in flavor country. So yes if you live near LA or Orange county try to catch it! They are so yummy.

Here is a picture of My bfs cat back at home: You couldn't tell by this picture but shes evil >_>

And here are a couple designs I'm working on :3 I might do a couple more edits. Or not. We'll see!


acrylicana said...

I'm eating all this food, ok? ok.

Hi, I'm Lindsay! said...

that kitty looks like my EM!! also. *DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl*

and yay for acrylic jewels!

Regina Mako said...

Your cat looks like my cat (the brown one). Although, mine is not evil.

Rami said...

I want to devour all that food, it looks so good.

and I like the cat! even if it's evil.... yikes

RoyalScandal said...

ooh how exciting :D I hope all goes well with the acrylic jewelery! which reminds me I saw on your pupegirl a unicorn necklace and I remember you also drew a deer similar to it...anyways If you ever make that deer into a necklace let me know :3

o_o That place where you'd like to move is really close to where i live hehe.

also foooooood ;A; yum