Sunday, June 26, 2011

More toys part 2

Part 2 weee!!! See part one here:

So recently I went through boxes and forgot I had some My little ponies (and other things) I liked but were kinda dirty (which is why they aren't on display) so I cleaned them up with some Awesome and made them pretty again! I put a little conditioner in their hair and then after it dried I used my curling iron on low heat to fix their hair up!

Sadly I did not take before pictures but I assure you that they were really dirty!

Masquerade :D

Goldielocks pony!

Ballerina pony XD


Glitter ponies! I wish I could go back in time and tell Hasbro to never ever give dolls tinsel hair. BAD IDEA.

I forget what their names are! But their hair is so pretty!

A flutter pony and a baby pony. I didn't fix their hair up so they look ratty! But they're still cute!

PIXIETAILSSSS! So going to sport these at AX XD

He-man tiger hohoho

Moon Dreamers Lion! What a cutie! his face is still dirty!

Barbie kitty????

I can't remember the name of these!

I only cleaned the hair on these ones so their bodies are still dirty!

Random horses!

Silky Mane :D

Barbie horse!

Most of them up on my cute shelf :D Now when people visit they will see ponies everywhere!!!

Also while looking I found these old booklets that came along with the toys. Do they still have them? I know Lego does! Some limited edition stuff was so cute! Wish I had it!

MLP: omg can I have the firefly and moondreamer? ;;

Breyer: Totally forgot they made Spirit horses! I want Rain!

Littlest pet shop: I'm so sad I don't have any of the cute doggies!

More toys part 1

oh boy. More toys! Seriously can't believe how many toys my aunt bought me when I was little!!!!

Anyway!!! This is going to be part 1 because I HAVE SO MANY D: And this is still after downsizing!!!

First are my Lion king toys.

Maple town


More of those little people? No idea what their names are. But I have the Mall and House etc. Well this is a cute little camper that has a kitchen under the roof haha!

One of the things that went to the arcade room in the mall:

Micro machines. I'm sad I can't find the rest. I only had a little truck left.

So I have the tracks and this ADORABLE little train stop but I don't remember ever having any of the train pieces themselves?

This is to my little TINY my little ponies I showed in this post:

A cute little carousel swing spinny thing that still plays music :) You just have to twist the middle and then turn the horse shoe with one of the ponies!

Littliest pet shop! Adorable carrying case for the pet shop!

Various cute things! I have the cuter animals on my shelf in my workspace~

I thinkkkkkkk this was a Skipper set? But it was an adorable pizza hut work shop thing with supplies. UYGHH tiny food!

And a grocery store set! I don't know what happened to the display that held all the food but I still have the groceries and veggies that went to it! :)

Thats it for now! Part 2 tomorrow! :)