Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going to have fun! BRB!

Fanime is THIS Friday! I leave Thursday to have a day to relax and get anything left done. And to eat something very delicious. La Vics or Pizza my Heart...I haven't decided!!! oh and to pick up our badges. Anyways! I've been pretty busy putting together merchandise and getting everything ready. No time for Juliettes and blog updates :(

But here is a pic of my suitcase full to the brim!

I also ordered more charms:

A charm design I want to make :3 still needs editing!

And I cel shaded this image for my friend. She did EVERYTHING. I only did a layer with shading and the background. She did the gradients,line art, blush, etc. You can find more of her fabulous art here: http://setsuna22.deviantart.com Shes going to be sitting next to my table selling her stuff too! Come say hi to us :D LOOK FOR THIS IMAGE!!

I have a video too on a book my best friend bought me a couple years ago that I filled with sketches and things :)

See you guys next month :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

bows everywhere!!!

I was bad today and bought some stuff while I was out wandering around the mall with my mom. Sometimes I like to go to Claires and look at the accessories. I really hate how they try and shove their impractical shopping bags at you. But I saw a hair bow with lace and was like omggggggg ;; then the cashier was all BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF. So I was like uhhhm ok how much is it? And she said probably 6 so I was like ok I'll just get that because I didn't like anything else and she had to call around other shops to find out the price and it was actually 10$. So I was like :[ but she said she'd give it to me for 6 anyway because it was a little damaged. so YEY

Then I went to Hot Topic and was like ok mom you can't ever bring me to the mall because I will just end up buying shit but then out of nowhere a heavenly light appeared and cast down upon a black bow purse. My eyes sparkled and I shed a single tear because I wanted to be good and noticed the price tag was 24 bucks.... but I wanted to touch and hold it so when I brought it down from where it was hanging I noticed it had been marked down to 11 ;_; AND THAT IS THE STORY OF HOW I BOUGHT MY BOW BAG

I also bought this pretty lipstick the other day! Its called cupid and the brand is called hard candy :> hehe. I really like it. It adds color to my lips without actually looking like lipstick.

I also finished another bag. It came out crooked. sigghh. Hopefully someone will love it. Even tho it has flaws. SOMEONE WILL LOVE YOU LITTLE BAG.

So the past couple of days I've been exersizing and trying to cook everything and eat better. Lots of veggies and nuts and water etc.

Monday: For dinner we had yummy chicken,eggs,rice and broccoli :)

Tuesday: For dinner we had chicken fajita tacos with bell peppers and sweet potato on the side

Wednesday: For dinner we had chicken sandwiches on Black bread with spinach and pepperjack! Nomnomnom

This sticker came with some rice candy xD the text is hilarious.

And a Juliette :)

She came to give you cupcakes! Isn't she sweet :)

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed with pink stripes :) Of course I will take pics if it comes out well~! If it doesn't come out well... IM DYING MY HAIR BLACK AGAIN lol.