Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh hi susiepie!!

Recently my friend sent me a care package with so much adorable that I shed some bright pink Zambi tears. (Very rare) 

I met Susan briefly at Fanime several years ago when she was passing by my table and I complimented her gorgeous hair. When I saw her again a year later? she was sweet enough to let me have one of her adorable hats (sadly she no longer makes them) at a discount. I try to never forget kindness offered to me. And since then I've stalked her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ohhisusiepie and Tumblr: http://ohhisusiepie.tumblr.com 

You should also check out her Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ohhisusiepie Her photos are so professional and I'm dying to buy one of her brooch babes. LIKE THEY'RE SUPER CUTE RIGHT? Shes really good at matching colors too. Mine eyes are so happy.

Lately shes been posting so much beautiful work and I NEED to share it with you! LET ME TELL YOU about how inspired I am whenever she posts something. Shes incredibly good at shapes and her faces are so adorable. Plus shes a marker queen!
Here are samples of her work:

 (I love these studies omg)

 (I mean ok seriously. I'm so in love with Susan. Have all my art babies)
 And these are the things she sent me in her care package!

She even drew on the package ;o;

My naughty drawing tried to escape D:

She sent me make up uhmm can this be a thing? Sending me make up? I'll take it. Thank. I LOVE NYX btw! THANK YOU. I can't wait to try the mascara *_*

And she also sent this ADORABLE bat brooch!!

And a Hello Kitty necklace that looks like candy :Q...

She sent these things inside cute little bags too! ahhhh

But my FAVORITE THING EVER is this drawing she did of me I MEAN COME ONNnnn the blending in the hair is so magnificent. I can't get over MARKER SKILLS. Ughhhh Its soo good! My camera doesn't do it justice!!!

She also sent me the sweetest letter I have ever gotten and it makes me SO HAPPY when people are as kind as Susie is. So please smother her with love and compliments!! xoxoxo

Anyway I hope you check out her work and stalk her everywhere because you need more cute art in your life. Right? Right. Also its Zammie approved sooo