Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday sales small businesses list

Its been so long! I miss my blog. But anyway I made this post to feature small business owners who are having Black Friday sales! 
 I'll start off with my own sale!
Today through Sunday get 40% off everything in my shop! Use code: GOBBLE when checking out!

Also if anyone has a problem with me using any of these images let me know! I just wanted to put this together as fast as possible for everyone! Or if you have an image you'd like me to use instead because you like it more let me know and I'll change it :)
Enter coupon code 2013HOLIDAY for 25% off your purchase until 12/2! Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday:
10% OFF your entire order AND a FREE BUTTON with every item ordered. (Coupon Code BACKINBLACK13)
Small Business Saturday:
FREE Sticker AND Charm with EVERY order.
Select your Sale Sunday:
FREE Shipping on Domestic Orders (Coupon Code SUNDAYFREE13)
15% OFF your entire order over $5. (Coupon Code SUNDAYSPECIAL13) 
Cyber Monday:
Spend $75 or more and get a FREE Gentleman Octopus Plush (While Supplies Last)
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend to all my US friends!

♥ BLACK FRIDAY SUPER SALE! ♥ ALL PATTERNS are 50% OFF! No coupon codes needed! Sale ends Sunday, December 1st at 11:59pm! This is my BIGGEST sale of the year and my last!
Use coupon code XBLACKFRIDAYX and get 15% off your order, when you spend over $30!
All jewelry already marked half off! Offer lasts through the holidays!! Get your shopping onnnn~
Enter code 20OFF for 20% off everything in my shop! Sale ends Dec 1st at 11:59PM PST
Use code GETSTUFFED for 25% off until 11:59pm

Happy shopping everyone!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

2013, The world didn't end

My poor blog has been very neglected because of Instagram. I got a new phone back in October? But anyway! Trying to get a post out before the end of January! 

Here are some images I've done that I like:
The one in the middle has mermaids that belong to :
 Felicia and Morrigan from Darkstalkers:

  Fanart: First image belongs to , Eva babes (made for Fanime), Haruka and Usagi from Sailor moon
 Fanart of MissKika's pretty MLP custom and Chibiusa and Pegasus
 My own original babies:

 Christmas things:
Here's some new stuff for sale in my shop:

 Shirts you can get here:
Hand made: (really proud how my leggings turned out)

Here are some yummy looking food pics: (slop in the corner is lasagna)

Here are some things that make me feel nostalgic: (That Eva touch pen is my favorite thing ever)

Some Christmas gifts I made for people:

My kitties:

And I hope you're all having a nice start of 2013! xoxo

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Well Jpop Summit came and went! I didn't sell much but I met a lot of really wonderful people and after the event I got to spend time with even more wonderful people. Sad that I didn't get to see a lot of friends I was hoping to see but THAT'S OK THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW!

I love San Fran and I love Daiso so I had to stop and get some cute things from there~ I actually found cute whipped cream for decorating things with!
I always need boxes to put my crafts in! And yey adorable molds with animal faces :D

I forgot to take pics of my booth but I got pics of adorable people that came by~

The cutest Mabel and Dipper!
Left: I FORGOT YOUR NAME ALREADY BECAUSE I SUCK ;_; Also let me know your tumblr too so I can link it here!! and her cute friend on the left!  Right: my friend Ashley and her mutated arm!
New friend! She was so sweet and dressed so very adorable. She has the perfect shade of green in her hair that I want! On Saturday night she was sitting alone inside a cafe and my friends and I surrounded her and invaded her space ;)
Left: cutie as a Lolita Cheshire Cat! Right: a real sweetie who stopped by my booth a couple of times with her Alpaca friend! I love how she accessorized it with her outfits haha.

Liz and I traded some stuff too and I think I got the better end of the deal ;D Remember to check out her Etsy later for even more stuff!

I forgot to take pictures of people but I drew some instead...

My hotel roommates were incredibly nice and I enjoy anyone who thinks I'm funny. Especially since I blurt out anything without thinking about it.....

We stayed at The Hotel Majestic and isn't it so cute?!
 The view from the bathroom!

You can visit Shelly's shop here: :D She has adorable things!
And you can visit Xavier's website here:

Also I got to hang out with Jenniecutepie who I met through my best bud Aja. She brought along her friend Andre who was super nice and we chatted about our love of cats!

I got to try Chairman Bao and it was SO delicious. nomnomnom. I always forget to take pics of the food I ate. OHWALL.

I had a super wonderful time hanging out and meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by my table and getting things and chatting with me. I'm going through friend withdrawal... xoxo

Monday, August 20, 2012

Stuff for J-pop summit

This coming weekend (25th and 26th) I'll be in San Fransisco for J-pop summit! My booth number is 32 (MissAlphabet) Thats my pal Liz :) and I'll be sharing my booth with her! So please come by and visit us! Here is a map: CLICK I will have goodie bags with every order until supplies last. Its from 11am to 6pm! Anddddddddddd I FOR ONE can't wait to see the Eva pop up museum!!! Its one of my favorite shows everrrr.

So heres what I will have for sale:



Wall decorations:

New charms:

Zipper bags:




Hair accessories:

Hand painted stuff:



What my side of the booth will look like:


So please come by and say hi :) I hope that at least if I don't sell much (never sold here before) that I can  get people stalking my Storenvy ! 09