Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello Blog world :D

Yey my first real Blog post! :) Recently 2 of my online pals sent me lovely things in the mail!

First off is my friend Shishah! you can find her beautiful paintings here:

She sent me this ADORABLE sheep!! Its super cute!!! I have 2 baby foxes from the same series of toys and I was tickled she sent me a sheep! IS IT NOT THE CUTEST THING YOU EVER DID SEE????

And then my friend Calli! you can find her wonderful drawings here:

She sent me Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH in the mail :D Her mother was kind enough to buy this for me! I was super touched. She also sent along the SWEETEST letter that made me want to give her lots of kisses! Inside the book she wrote "never grow up" :( that is so me you have no idea! I always want to stay young at heart! I love that I have this book and it has that written on the inside! I will treasure it always! And then as an added bonus she sent 2 adorable handmade charms for me and my bf!

Aren't they so pretty??? I love how they dangle :D

I have to send these lovely ladies something special!

Also here is a preview of things I'm working on. Or rather what I will be working on as soon as I have some free time.

One of my lovely friends bought me this beautiful fabric ;__; shes been spoiling me so much lately!!!

And then I'm going to make skirts out of these:

And I'm waiting for my necklace chains in the mail before I can make these pretty charms into lovely things you can hang on your neck!


momo said...

I accidentally ate all of your charms :(


Anonymous said...

Aww, yay! I'm glad you got everything alright.<3<3

looks like so many exciting things are going on! congrats on the shiny new blog! :D

Chiaki Hirai said...

I would eat them like Momo. They look delicious. :P

Joodlez said...

oh god that sheep AHHHHHHHH ,,>_____<,, I'm happy for you about those cute goodies your friends sent you! I-I hope to send you something soon too, I just dunno when. OTL