Wednesday, September 30, 2009

seepy seeps

Juliette waking up in her comfy bed _D_ girls gotta get her beauty sleep yanno!
And I wasn't too happy with how this came out :( I have a really hard time doing chunky vector work. It always looks so boring to me ;; I dunno!


Sara said...

Gorgeous drawing. I love her pose.

Rami said...

Juliette waking up is really cute.

like realllyy cute.

HaliCat said...

Oh my gosh they are both so CUTE ;_; Juliette is ADORABLE I love how you composed the image and her cute posing. The unicorns are adorable also so pudgy and sweet, I think it's very lively, all things given your vectoring is nice! Maybe if you find it boring you could try to shade it and see if that livens it up? I find thick lines work best with shading, but either way I think's it works you pull it off well :3 I really do love your flat colouring style.