Thursday, September 24, 2009

These boots were made for walking!

Yey my check got here today :D And I just ordered some more supplies for my Etsy shop! I love having crafts to look forward to :D I'm glad its here because I have to pay the rest of my hospital bills and buy some printer ink and some sewing patterns from my sewing class! Weeeeee!

oh right and I also want to get a photo album for my stickers :D!


Ayumi said...

That is just the cutest damn pic evar xD <3

RoyalScandal said...

boots *3* !! love 'em .

Ahh i love getting new supplies for crafts too :) I always feel motivated and full of ideas when a bunch of new supplies are on the way! I bet you feel the same :3

Yamata said...

Glad you're getting new supplies that make you happy!!!