Monday, September 28, 2009

6 cubes little cubes

So I went out and bought some cubes haha :D Michaels had a 6 cube shelf on sale so I bought one and now I have my very own cubicle haha! I wish I had wood floors and pretty colored walls but SOMEDAY. Anyways I took some pics! TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL.

Here is a bag I really need to iron that my best friend bought me :D Unicorns HOW DID SHE KNOW?
And here is a beautiful halloween wreathe she also bought me :D I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Its so pretty. I love it SO much!

My sewing table right behind my desk :D where all the magic happens! (lol) I have a Singer "simple"
Beautiful wall above my desk with art from awesome people :D Mucha, frozenlilacs, Omar, Msh, and Mary!Just some left over storage I could put things in :D And a cigarette box/purse that has headbows in it!
Glue and hot glue materials on the top drawer, my camera and sewing patterns in the second and plastic bags of all shapes and sizes in the 3d!
All my Etsy jewelry and tools :D
MY DRUGS, pencil thingy,post-its, and a lil japanese dictionary!
My Trias :D
My copics and computer disks :D
I put my ribbon in one and ring boxes in the other :D There is also my sewing books right next to it!
Mini photo albums I've yet to do something with and my sewing stuff :) Like my rotary cutter, elastic, seam ripper, bobbins and etc!
Pink box has drawings :D and the others have prints!

I love my pink boxes SO much! Pink pink pink!

Also have a pretty song! :D


marzipanapple said...

Ugggggh, I just had a nerdgasm. I LOVE organization and how everything has a little place and you can find it right away ~~<3

It's so fucking NICE to have a place to create! You've inspired me to go and buy an art table...

Chelsea Greene Lewyta said...

Oh yay, you've been posting. I love looking at your art, its so cute, happy and pretty :3

Kina said...

omg you are so organized. hehehe <3 Love it! I've always wanted a little sewing machine, all I have is a 40 year old thing that used to belong to my grandmother. SIGH. Anyway. Keep posting, I just started watching you and I likeeee your stuffff <3 <3