Thursday, September 17, 2009


Its someones special day today! Thats right its a Msh day. I love Msh. She is always incredibly nice to me. And I've actually never seen her be mean to anyone! Shes also incredibly adorable and funny! :D I also love Msh language. <3 MSH PLUG TIME!!!!

I had to crop out some of Elle to fit it on here but you can see the rest on her DA page :D Its the most amazing picture evarrrr
Her art is the prettiest and the cutest ;_; I wish I could paint like her. I wish I could make magic JUST LIKE HER. One dayyyy I will eat her brain and the juices will give me amazing power and I will rule the world *____*

I wish she would post everything she ever drew ;o; even little pen dots. BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING I JUST KNOW IT. She touches the canvas and instantly it becomes art magic!! POOFS.

You can find more of her work here:
and here:

Anyhoo here is a little mshyfanarts. <3 I hope you had a lovely day!!!

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msh said...

aaaAAAA. ZOMS u r the sweetest person evber sobbh. havent u heard zammi brain juis is the rarest grants cutesexy lady drawan powers *---* &JULIETTE is the most gorgeus thing to ever grace blogspot btw

omfggn u draw the best levainss ahhf &capture his personality perfectl ;mmm; im adore the outfit design endings u drew SIH. ILUU. TY /CHUUUS