Monday, September 7, 2009


Name: Juliette (no last name)
Age: 21
Hobbies: Shopping, modeling,
Hates: Being bored, Know-it-alls
Loves: cats, make up, Jewelry, Clothes, Desserts, lingerie
Natural hair color: Dirty blonde
Dreams: to live in a castle with unicorns someday :>

Juliette is this blogs mascot :D She is my internet dress up doll and muse! I have a lot of fun thinking up outfits and ideas for her. If you ever have any requests like what I should draw her in go ahead and leave a comment here :) I will most likely only use these colors on her tho: pink, hot blue, black, white, light purple, and dark gray. That doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest something that is never in that color tho ;) I always like turning things into bright colors!

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Hikaru said...

Oh, well this answers my question. XD She's so adorable~