Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I want a unicorn bag!

I really want to buy a photo album so I can place all my stickers in them and not worry about them flying all over the place. And so I can have a nice place to display them since they are pretty and I won't ever use them. It will be like having a mini artbook of stickers to inspire me!

David I responded to your question on my last post! :)

And for future reference, I come up with every design on here :) If there is any likeness to a specific outfit somewhere its purely unintentional!

And to Yamata: I just pick colors I like :) There really is no method. I know people use color wheels to match colors but I just picked up what colors I thought looked nice together by looking at other pieces of art!

I can't wait to get paid so I can go out for some Indian food. There is a new place right down the street in walking distance thats really good :9


R e a f u said...

I just love you use black and pink shades and you make everything so vibrant, even with flat colours!

Sara said...

I love her pose and dress!
Your pictures always put me in a better mood. They are so cute and sweet...

David said...

funny! that's exactly what I want! A book, not necessarily to put stickers in (although that is a very good idea) but bits and pieces I find here and there in magazines and the like so whenever i want to be inspired I just open it up, thumb through its pages until I scream...EUREKA!

If I find something i will let you know!

And thank you, by the way, for responding to my post and for sharing your sketches :)

Yamata said...

Well then your taste in colors is amazing! Well that and your drawing skills, plus your ideas.... oh whatever its all good... I always have trouble thinking up colors so I just wondered. But it was cool you responded! Fun times!

Good luck with the photo album. I have one that I was going to use to make a collection... Instead I made a album from scratch so the one I bought went to waste... maybe I should use it? Yay you gave me ideas!

Jackie said...

I want a album to put all my stickers in it too :D ! I love stickers but I never want to use them hehe.
Love the drawing btw :3 . unicorn bag would be awesome !