Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink carpet Juliette

I'm going to have a giveaway this month. Still not sure how I will be able to contact the winner yet but we'll see!

Thank you for anyone that has left a comment so far :D I wish I could reply to them directly but blogspot is stupid and doesn't have this option.


helloheathblog said...

hi! it's helloheath from deviant art. i wouldnt mind leaving my email for the contest. i plaster it everywhere anyway. its or :-)

ross said...

love this one!!! super cute.

David said...

how do you come up with your lines? when you think of something to draw do you scribble it or know exactly what it's going to look like and simply use your mind's eye to trace it onto the paper?

I simply marvel and how smooth your lines are.

Missa said...

I really love that dress! Did you come up with the design? :o

[Since you said this website has issues, you can contact me at if need be xp]

Rami said...

Ooo, this is an especially cute dress! I think I tried to draw a dress like that for her, lol *fail*
it's really cute though. post more!! *3*

Also, I'm the comment winner, right? XD

JJacks said...

Ooo, pretty ruffled dress + pretty loose bun hairdo = awesome. XD

Studio Cutecake said...

David: It always depends. Sometimes I have a outfit in mind or sometimes I have a pose in mind which will start kick an outfit idea. But I mostly have an idea of what I want to draw and then I will sketch it out and then ink over it. Sometimes I change things while inking and sometimes I don't! Here are the sketches for a lot of things I've posted and are going to post!

And thank you everyone else :D

Yamata said...

Love your art! Everything you post is so super cute and well done!!!! I also marvel at your clothing designs and would love if one day I could think of the kind of outfits you do so I could sew them! How do you think of the colors? They always work so well and for every design just make it work and pop!

Oh and you can contact me at yamata on deviantart if you choose randomly me! Cant wait to see more of your art!