Monday, April 5, 2010

Zammie has entered the world of acrylic charms

My best friend is the BEST person in the world!!!

the post office decided to refuse 2 different packages of mine today D: ? And I can't figure out why. My mom is coming over soon so she can take me to find out but It says the "addressee" refused it...uhhh I didn't? And it said it was refused at 7am this morning? And the address on both are correct and I DUNNO so I was telling my best friend about it and she made my booboos all better.

Zam (2:34:12 PM): I went out and asked the mailman myself because he just got here and he was confused too
Emi (2:34:36 PM): ; ;
Emi (2:34:39 PM): CONSPIRACY >:0
Emi (2:36:11 PM): I'm trying to think what other possible reason they'd have to refuse it
Emi (2:36:15 PM): insufficient postage??
Zam (2:36:31 PM): 8< but it was delivered to other places?
Emi (2:36:31 PM): but that doesn't make sense either
Emi (2:36:37 PM): yeah :<
Emi (2:36:55 PM): ughh I'm sorry :<
Zam (2:37:28 PM): *sob on*
Zam (2:37:39 PM): *SOBOBOBOB*
Emi (2:38:56 PM): nooooooooooo D8
Emi (2:39:20 PM): maybe receiving those packages is the thing that happens when everything in your life goes horribly wrong 80
Emi (2:39:25 PM): and futurezammie came back in time to refuse them
Zam (2:39:42 PM): hahahahahaha
Zam (2:39:47 PM): BEST ANSWER EVER
Zam (2:41:52 PM): allow myself to introduce
Zam (2:41:53 PM): myself

well it was all a mistake and I got a bunch of crap in the mail YEY :D

CHARMS ACRYLIC CHARMS FINALLY. I hope they sell at Fanime ;_; I will cry if they don't!!! I love them so much!!!

And I ordered some free Moo cards which is why they have the annoying advertisement on the bottom. I also put one of the images on upside down X_X oh well! I like them except the quality of the image itself is kinda funky? But I have no idea why it did that...

I bought some stamps and things from Michaels today! I really love everything! I want to buy another color stamp too. But I wanted to also design one of my own and use it to stamp the ring boxes I mail out. I'm almost out of my old stock so I can order some cardboard ones and stamp the tops with cute things :)

I also bought some neat little things like this pack of paper bookmarks. I'll probably make a stamp for it too or draw directly on them? Maybe sell some commissions at fanime this way? We'll see! I love the idea who :) I also love them not being laminated to give it a rough feel.

Then I bought some little paper gift tags that I can also stamp or whatever and since they fold in the middle I was thinking about making them into MINI greeting cards or something!!! Then you can write your message inside :) And I'd sell them in a pack of 5 or something! Maybe I'll make little unicorn stamps or owl stamps! weee I love getting the creative juices flowing!

andddd I bought a shirt with my design from some place. I like the quality but the colors came out so bad. I think thats my fault tho for not working in CYMK :\ I'm glad it didn't effect my charms at all tho! The charms are perfect *_*

so a pretty bad morning ended up good :) Tho my pictures came out really shitty for some reason ughh!!!