Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Kika

Well I was going to post this when Liz sent me another print but I felt my blog needed updating! And I can just post the other print in another entry :3

Miss Kika and I did a trade and it made me so happy because her art is SOOOOo fucking pretty!!!

So she sent me all this stuff ;_;

A beautiful painting of my Alala ;_; !

Her Eve totebag *___* so pretty!!!

Some bootiful prints!!

Pretty postcards!!

She stamped the outside of the package with this cute stamp she designed!:

And the note she sent with:

You can check out more of her beautiful art:

Her website:
Her Da account:

Thats Juliettes cat ROMEOW lolololololololololllllllll GET IT??????

and I posted the lineart for this on my DA page.