Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lindsay is the BEST

HORRAY more birthday gifts :D Lindsay was so sweet and sent me lots of goodies for my birthday!! She is seriously the sweetest person!!

Look at all the amazing stuff she sent me ;___; I love the tote bag and honey bear post cards the best!!! So many cute and lovely things ;;


And then my BF bought me this ADORABLE FANCY pack xD off of Etsy! Her shop is here: I wish I came up with the idea ;__; Its brilliant! I love how you can add it to any outfit and it becomes 10 times cuter~! And also so you don't have to lug your purse/bag around with you everywhere because to the UNSUSPECTING EYE it is a FANNYPACK :D and holds stuff inside!! People will be all WHATTTT when you pull your credit card or lip gloss out!! Sneaky!!

And you can wear it high or low :D

It also came along with this stuff :) And was stuffed with pink wrapping paper!

The box was decorated all pretty too!!

Also I'm so excited for fanime haha. I'm waiting for parts in the mail so I can make everything into jewelry! But weeee. All organized!

And my wonderful Lum Figma figure came in the mail yesterday :D I forgot I had preordered it! (Also a birthday present from the bf) ISN'T IT AWESOME? You can change her face and hands and pose her upside down and SHE COMES WITH A TEN!!! I love Ten ;__;

And I decorated a box I have with Deco tape and a bow :) I keep my leftovers from Fanime in it!

xoxoxo! <3