Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baggie bags

I'm trying really hard to eat better so I bought a bunch of things to make every day a little healthier. And I'm trying really hard on portion control. I bought chicken, Zucchini,Asparagus,apples,yogurt,granola, and juice. Even tho I got sauces I'm trying to only use a tbsp. And even tho I got juice. Its 100 percent juice and I'm only going to have a glass with dinner. So anyway. Its my first day today. Me and my mom are going to buy the easy shaper xD it looks so fun and I needed something that wasn't too expensive (and huge) that I could do in my apt. I also want the newer wiifit so I don't have to unlock anything :\ I just want to PLAY. Anyway I'm excited! I want to feel better every day!

So I haven't been up to much lately other than sewing and livestreaming. I made a couple bags I'll sell at Fanime. I think they're cute :)

My friend libby bought me the Alice fabric awhile ago and I finally did something with it!! Its double sided *O* I also need to sew on straps on that one.

And I bought this fabric awhile ago and made a skirt and had some left over so I made this:

And I drew this in a livestream:

You can watch me drawing it here:

I did a trade with lovely miss Akasha coulture and she made this for me *O*

Its SOOOOo cute and had a cute little detachable bow on the collar which I use on other outfits as well!!

SEE. I took some lace and added it to a cheap hoodie I bought from Walmart. yeyyyy

And a Juliette :)