Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday stuff , Website stuff and merchandise stuff

For my birthday my mom came over and made me yummy macaroni soup. I did a hilarious thing and went to the post office and asked the lady there what the date was. OH ME!

Anyway I bought an awesome new light box thanks to Lindsay from sickforcute! It came with all kinds of things including an amazing adjustable tripod. I got this one: It helps make my images a lot brighter but I still have to do a lot of editing in photoshop. Oh well! I still love it.

And my friend Rami drew me an awesome Juliette so I colored it :)

And mary recently sent me this WONDERFUL ring which I finally took a picture of:

and she also sent me these things for my birthday :D

I wish you could see how pretty these are in person *_* They are BEAUTIFUL!!

And a pretty necklace with her too *O* I love it SOOOO fucking much!!!

And A BRACELET WITH BOWS 8D HOW DID SHE KNOW????? Its so awesome *_* I want to cover myself with bows all day!

And a HILARIOUS paint by numbers unicorn that I am going to paint the shit out of!! XD

Oh also in case you didn't notice I now have acrylic charms available on my Etsy shop!!

And also I have prints available on sickforcute! :D

Just click on the images to go there :) xoxoxo!!

oh also I made a website using and its so easy!! I'm still not done but you can view it here: zambicandyland