Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a Barbiegirl

So my friend Brittany bought me an ADORABLEEEEEEEE stuffed mameshiba ;3; Its so soft and CUTE and it says NE SHITERU. My little keychain broke :( so I'm happy I get another mameshiba thats all cuter and softer!! He also sounds cuter somehow :O like the recording was I dunno made to sound higher? Anyway ;3; THANK YOU BRITTLES !!!!!!

and then Joodles DREW ME THE MOST AWESOME AMAZING FANART EVERRRRRRRR OMEGGG ; ^ ; the faces are so precious!!!! Just look at EVERYTHINGGGGGGG She was all I'll draw Nekoi!! And then she drew me 3 others ;_; because shes AMAZINGGGGGG

I'm thinking about adding hair pins to my shop. I don't know how popular those are tho!

And I had an old hair bow that never sold that I still really like. So I added a rose to it and I'll probably put it back in my shop soon :)

And I went to Michaels and bought a cake tray so I could display my old charms on it and keychains. I love the edges!

Also Okami wants to invite you to see her and some other pretty ladies over at this website ;)

anddddddddd my wig came in today! I love playing dress up :D weee