Thursday, April 15, 2010


Just a small update! I forgot to mention that my pal Kay also drew me a really cute birthday gift too :D because I'm a terrible friend!

I made some pillows cuz I was in the mood. But I'm terrible at stuffing so they are lumpy and sad pillows :[ I would like to make a cupcake and a candy as well.

I also went to walmart and picked up this thing for the kitchen? But hung it up on my wall instead so I could hang my hair accessories and things on it! Also my lovely totes from Miss Kika and Mary :)

And also this is what my price list for Fanime will look like :) I'm excited to be so organized so well in advance. I hope I do well. Because what I make will determine when I can move back to southern california.

And a sloppy half assed Juliette!

And if you haven't seen this AMAZING COMIC my boyfriend did for me HERE IT IS IN ITS PONY GLORY!!

Hilarity. You can find more of his wonderful art on DA Mopinks

And read his webcomic here :D UFO