Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday fun times!

So I rented a hotel so I could have fun at the cherry blossom festival in San fransisco the weekend of my birthday! It was fab. It did rain tho! But that didn't stop me from having fun!! On Saturday I got up early so I could go try these: The best one was the Caramel de sel! I tried the bacon one too and it was yummy but the caramel one had orange flavor inside *___* and it was just explosion of amazement. In my mouth. Then we got to Japantown and we wandered around and looked at things at the New people building and Kinokuniya.

We had lunch at Mifune and they were greedy with their water and it annoyed me :( But we ate these pretty things!

The cherry trees were so pretty! I love this pic:

They had pretty Ikebana displays so I took a couple pics!

And they had really pretty decorations all over the ceiling inside the mall!!

And a pretty tree made of lights!

Look its hello kitty :D

And inside the new people building bathrooms they had pretty little vases on the sinks!

Then at 7 we met up with Liz and her bf Nara :) They were wonderful and nice and offered to drive us to get some crepes and then gave us a ride back to our hotel!!! So we didn't have to call a cab ; ; so nice! Dave from DA came along too and he was super nice!! Then we when back to our hotel and died. Our feet were in so much pain xD

Then the next morning we met up with Liz and Nara again and waited for Twinkiechan and Amy AKA Shrinkle to show up! Then we went to the lolita fashion show and I took some pics!

All of them lined up:

Amy being cute and silly!

And liz posing for me :D and wearing one of my rings! <333 Isn't she so pretty? Her boyfriend Nara has cool hair too!!

Then we went to grab something to eat! Look at these beautiful fucking sushi.

At 4 I had to leave but everyone was so wonderful in person! I had such a nice time!! I hope we all get to hang out again! :) I like wonderful people! Especially considering I hate everyone else hahaha.

I got some birthday gifts for myself at this one little shop. I've been needing a pocket mirror badly but everywhere I searched had ones that I could easily scratch so I found one that was in a case. And a pretty case at that! There were 5 designs I fell in love with but I chose this one because of the pattern! So prettyyyy

And I bought this magazine that was full of cute decorated rooms! ahhhh my favorite!!

Some adorable socks with bows on them *___*

An umbrella cuz it was raining and I had no umbrella XD But look at its cuteness and look at the trim!! SO CUTE.

And the Mameshiba book I wanted to get the last time :D Its so cute ;__;

Oh! And liz brought me cookies for my birthday :9

I had a wonderful birthday weekend *__* today is my birthday tho and I have no idea what I'm gunna do xD