Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I hope everyone is having a good beginning of the year ;) KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS OK? Don't give up!!! I would love to lose 60lbs...even 30lbs. Its just insanely hard because I'm a picky eater :\ And I LIKE exercising but only riding my bike and swimming and running...but no one to do that with...and its also winter. I wish I had a buddy :B I'm just too nervous being alone outside...even in the day light. Anywayyyy

So I bought too many things while I was out yesterday lol :( I needed some new leggings so I got some for 6 dollars which was great but then I bought some cute undies >_> and a new black hoodie. AND THEN I stopped by hot topic and bought more D8 I mean I seriously do not spend money on myself (other than food) and I buy clothes for myself like once or every 2 years :B But yea I saw this necklace there that I HAD TO HAVE and also a wallet that SCREAMED me. So.


and BOW POWERRRR!!! instantly turns any top into cuteness!

My boyfriend also bought me this for xmas:

I've been wanting a bed set FOREVER and you know how I totally love pink and need it in my life every day >_>

Because look at this hideous piece of crap! Dear god that is some shitty art lol!

And afterward!

I've been in the mood to make some panties lately but after actually sewing everything together I realize that I really just don't like sewing as much as I think I do. I like designing and the outcome but I really just hate everything else. I want to hire a seamstress and I also want to hire someone to do things in illustrator for me so I can make things on ponoko and silk screen. I just have no desire to do most things.

But I made this. Its like a thing you put around your waist. Kinda like a belt. You just add it to whatever to make your outfit "cuter" or pop more. I put in the eye lits all crooked and I hate when things are not perfect :B

I got a ton of lace! I need to do things with it!

oh look my ribbon!

oh look my cat!

and last but not least a picture. Sorry Juliette. I will try very hard to draw you soon!


Brittany said...

OMG ZAMMIES. What part of hell did that last bedspread come from?!?!? XDDDD Someone pumped the poor soul with steroids! The new unicorm wallet would be a much cooler one. :D UNICORN POWERRRRRR

I still love the pinkness of your new one! : D I'm sure Momo loves sleeping in girly goodness

R e a f u said...

Damn...that's one muscular, muscular horse yo XD!

Ashley R. D. said...

A) Love you hair! You look so damn cute!

B) LULZ @ Your comment on your own blanket!

C) Luckily I didn't get you ribbon because I was gonna buy you like all the same of what you own! lol

D) I fuckin miss you brat! Come mingle with us soon k? Plz? PLZ? K.

<3 <3

0becomingX said...

that wallet is the bomb

Chiaki Hirai said...


Also, cute bow and bed sheets~

joobley said...


also I lost it at your previous bedspread. It's a fucking BEAST WTF.

You have so many pretty ribbons and things ;v;

acrylicana said...

HOW did I miss this post? good thin Goodl reader becons me to come on in daily :B

I cannot stop laughing at that old bedspread! I love how it's just SO BEEFY and now everything's lady-like.

I agree with Brittany. XD "Momo loves sleeping in girly goodness" of course he does! It helps him draw loverly ladies ;o

OH your last doodle. This is why I can to comment. Such a cutie!
And LOVe your little belt/cincher :D I seriously need to move out west so we can have sewing parties. In this reality, we'll be close by.